Pregnancy Update: Trimester Two

Hello friends! I'm back to share a few thoughts on trimester two! I realize we are less than three weeks away from meeting baby boy, but I don't want to forget the highlights from weeks 14-28! The last update seemed to hit all the big moments, so I decided to use most of the same questions!
Weeks: 14 - 28

Maternity clothes: Yes! I started wearing maternity jeans and tops around week 17. I pretty much lived in my black leggings and two pairs of Jessica Simpson maternity jeans! Until early April I was able to mix in maternity tops and normal flowy tops, but baby boy started some major growth at the beginning of April and after that it was mostly maternity. Surprisingly enough, Old Navy has been my saving grace for maternity clothes. I’ve had some luck with Loft Maternity and Target, but the award for best price and comfort goes to Old Navy!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty much stayed the same during trimester two. Most nights I could fall asleep fine, but I would wake up and then be awake for hours. I’ve tried a lavender oil, pillows, less water, Unisom (directed by doctor) but nothings seems to break it. It seems I do my best sleeping starting around 4 AM which doesn’t leave much time before my 6:30 wake up call. Everyone tells me this is God's way of preparing me for being up with the little man. While I do feel like I’ve learned to go off of less sleep, it sure would be nice to “stock-up” a little before he gets here.

Miss anything:  Other than sleep, I would say a little seasonal shopping. Spring clothes came out during this trimester and I’m a total sucker for anything pastel. While I did find a few Springy maternity items, I did miss not being able to pick up a few new pretty lace and pastel pieces like I normally would! Other than that, I'm missing a good spring cocktail every now and then. It was nice on the babymoon to have a few mocktails in the pool; I felt like I was being bad:) 

Movement: I started feeling little swooshes around week 16, and then week 18 I felt my first real kick. It was such an amazing and surreal feeling. During those first few weeks of feeling him, I would get so excited for bed time because that was when he was the most active. Each night I would anxiously wait for the little kicks with Tanner’s hand close by and he finally felt one week 20! I cried I was so excited. While we were in Mexico for our babymoon, he really got active; it was so much fun watching him move so much!

Food cravings: I craved sour candy toward the end of trimester one but that pretty much faded into an unhealthy need for crushed ice 24/7. Our poor ice maker and my poor teeth…I just can’t get enough. Other than that, all my cravings have been based on food pics I see on Instagram. I swear everyone I follow posted donut pictures for a week straight, so that weekend we had to have them for Saturday breakfast. These “cravings” pass once I eat said food!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. After week 16 I really started feeling great. My energy came back, my bump wasn’t too big and we just had a blast.

Have you started to show yet: I started showing around week 17 which is when I told my coworkers and when we really started telling all friends! I was so proud of my little bump! I had grand intentions of documenting this growing bump each week with wooden blocks I had ordered, but that lasted for about one photo and then quick mirror selfies in his nursery become my go-to. They are nothing fancy, but I'm happy to have them to watch him grow!
Gender: We are having a BOY!

The Gender Reveal: Tanner and I aren’t too into the grand gender reveals, so we decided on something a little smaller to share the news. Tanner and I decided to have the ultrasound technician put the pictures into an envelope and seal it at the end of our appointment. We had reservations at one of our favorite little places for dinner, Jack Allen’s Kitchen, and decided we would open it there together. When we pulled out the picture, my eyes immediately saw “boy” and I just started yelling boy and laughing. Tanner saw a “G” somewhere on the picture and thought it was a girl until his eyes found the big “boy” text. We were so excited and so happy we saved that special moment just for the two of us. When we got back to our house from dinner, our parents, grandparents, aunt/uncle and siblings were all waiting for us to share the news. We gathered everyone around and popped a balloon full blue confetti. It was so much fun to see their reaction; they all were so excited and we had a blast eating dessert and looking at his sweet sonogram pictures the rest of the night.
Belly button in or out: IN

Wedding rings on or off: ON

Happy or moody most of the time: Still very happy! This was one of the reasons I was sure it was a boy; I really haven’t had any mood swings or big emotionally swings…so far!

Best moments of Trimester Two: 

Finding out the gender!

Setting up the nursery: I looked for months at nursery furniture and decided on finding a set that would work for all the kiddos God give us. I wanted the color and lines to be clean and not overwhelm the room, which is a great size but a little dark with the flooring and wall color we had. I finally decided on a white crib, extra-long dresser and oatmeal color swivel rocker from Pottery Barn Kids. We ordered during a great sale and were so happy with the quality and look once they arrived. I waited on the changing the wall color, curtains, rug, and bedding until after we find out the gender and returned from the babymoon. I was shocked to see how much bedding costs! I wanted something very neutral and cool that would grow with him and not tie us to any theme. After a month of looking, I decided on this set from Pottery Barn Kids. I wasn’t planning on using them for the whole nursery but I loved the colors and it was on sale for a great price so it was hard to say no. I love how it all came together!

Baby Moon
Tanner and I decided to plan a trip to our favorite resort in Mexico for our baby moon. We had free flights we needed to use before April and knew this would be the perfect little getaway. Mexico is our place. The people are so kind and the beaches are just great for being a quick 2 ½ hour flight from home. We spent four days swimming, napping, eating and drinking way too many virgin drinks. It was a perfect last getaway before baby boy arrived.
Maternity Photos

We decided on doing newborn photos instead of maternity photos, but during an event for the African Children’s Choir we won a photo session with a local artist and one of the options was for maternity photos, so we actually got to do both! You can see the full post of our photographer and photos here, but overall the experience was so special and I know we will treasure these photos for the rest of our lives! 

Looking forward to: We can't wait to finish the nursery out after our baby showers and final shopping trips! Speaking of showers, we have two planned for May and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate baby boy with our family and friends! We are also just looking forward to meeting him and snuggling that sweet chunky monkey! 

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Maternity Session

A few months ago Tanner and I did a sweet maternity session with Regan from Crown V Photography and I'm so excited to share the pictures. We couldn't have asked for a better soul to capture this special time for our little family and I know we will treasure these photos forever.

The day was so unpredictable and turned out so amazing, I had to share this little story with you. We were experiencing typical Texas Spring weather; one minute of threatening rain and another of hot, humid sun and were very close to canceling the session but decided to move forward and pray for the best. Within ten minutes of being at the session location I was so stinking hot and sweaty because of the humidity and was kicking myself for not rescheduling. The sun was no where in sight and the bugs were out of full force. I didn't mind the cloud cover but I was so wanting to have a few shots of the sunlit picture. Toward the end of the session Regan said, "Let's just say a quick prayer that God will move these clouds and give us a minute or two of sun light". Not ten minutes later the clouds broke and gave us a little window of sun to capture a few of my favorite shoots from the session. What a sweet sweet Lord we serve.
If you live near ATX and are in need of a good photographer for family or corporate events, Regan is a great contact!

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Gluten Free Banana Nut Pancakes

I love breakfast anytime of the day and this Spring I had a craving for all things Banana so I combined the two and my gluten free Banana Nut Pancake was born and made, again and again. This little boy may come out asking for Bananas. 

I also have a child-like obsession about molding my pancakes into shapes which is evident by the bunny below:)

Hope you enjoy!

- 1 Box King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Pancake Mix (My short-cut for a quick breakfast; free free to make from scratch)
- 2 Mashed Bananas (Very Ripe)
- 1 TBL. Vanilla Extract
- 1/4 TSP Almond Extract
- 2 Large Eggs
- 1 Cup of Almond Milk
- 1/4 Cup Chopped Walnuts

-  Mix all wet ingredients together then slowy add pancake mix. Stir in walnuts and allow batter to sit for 10-15 minutes.
- Preheat griddle to medium heat (ours shows 350 degrees)
- If using a pancake mold, spray non-stick cooking spray to the mold and the griddle then spoon in batter until mold is filled 1/2 way up. If you are not using a mold, spoon on 1/4 cup of batter.
- Cook for 2 minutes or until golden brown then flip.
- Enjoy with fresh berries!


Pregnancy Update: Trimester One

Thank you all for the sweet, sweet words. I'm overwhelmed with the love from this little space and feel so blessed to get to share this special time with y'all!

I thought it might be fun to share a little from the first trimester today! I very intentionally took the first two trimesters to just soak up the time and special moments with Tanner and family. Our lives have been so incredibly busy since we found out in the Fall with holidays, starting a new business and social commitments that blogging took a back seat. I wanted to spend all my spare moments thinking about baby boy and spending time with Tanner. There is something about knowing that your time as just two is coming to a close that makes each spare second so much more important. It was also so nice to capture the my thoughts and take photos without the pressure of having them blog ready. Just simple documentation for our little family to enjoy as the seasons change.

There are several questionnaires floating around the blog world so I thought I would pull out a few of my favorites to highlight the first 14 weeks! Hope you enjoy!

How I found out: I found out the Friday morning after our large annual customer event which I spend around 9 months planning. The week was great but it's always so crazy and exhausting with events starting Monday and ending on Wednesday evening. My co-planner and I always run on adrenaline during this week and take Friday off to recover. This year was a little unique because on Thursday we hosted a kick-off event for our new business, so I jumped right from my work event to his. We had a great time with family and friends but about half way through, I started feeling very lightheaded and dizzy. When I felt like I was close to fainting I asked my mom to get Tanner. I had him take me home and was sure I was just exhausted from the week. I slept in on Friday and woke up for a quite morning of coffee on the couch, about half way through the view I realized that I never started earlier in the week and decided to run out and get a few tests. Three positive tests later, I was very much in shock and spent the rest of the day soaking in the news and thinking about how I was going to tell Tanner and what amazing gift we had just been given.

How I told Tanner: The evening I found out ATX got our first real cold front of the season. In celebration we had planned a quite night at home with a fire and move after a quick dinner out. We had been running in opposite directions all week and just needed a night to chill and enjoy the newly cold air. We went through dinner chatting and laughing like normal and came home to make a fire and put on the movie. While he was making the fire, my heart was pounding! I was so excited to tell him, but also a little anxious! This was the first time I was sharing news that was going to change his life forever! Before we started the movie I handed him a little note and box that shared the news…he was so excited. I’ll never forget the look on his face and the sweet words he shared with me. I knew even more in that moment that God had blessed me with the best partner for this life!
This picture quality is horrible but it's the only one I snapped right before I told him! 

Total weight gained: I gained 5 lbs in the first 14 weeks.

Biggest Symptoms of Trimester 1:
Sleep - Around week seven I started having a very hard time staying asleep which was so very frustrating but a sign of things to come. I was so very tired and would dream about naps while I was at work. I never had a hard time falling asleep during the first trimester but I couldn’t stay asleep. I would wake up and just toss and turn for hours. I got into a routine of two-three nights of bad sleep and one night of good. I've never had insomnia and have always been a good sleeper, so this was pretty hard for me.
All-day Sickness – Starting at week six I was very sick from morning to night. I have never had that level of nausea and had no idea I could throw up that much! I remember that feeling of panic when I realized that I had no idea how long this was going to last. Most tell you that you just need to make it to week 12, but others talk about throwing up right until delivery. I was so scared I was going to be the latter. I remember telling Tanner that we were only going to have one child because there was no way I could do this again. Around week nine I broke down and got meds from the doctor that saved me; they didn’t take it all away but I was able to function at work and started to feel like a human again! So thankful for those! 

Food cravings: I stuck mainly to carbs and water or sprite until around week 16. Crackers, toast, scrambled eggs, soup and oatmeal were staples. The thought of most protein and veggies made me want to throw-up!

Miss anything: I missed not being sick and feeling like I was participating in life with everyone. I really take for-granted being able to do all of life's activities with a healthy body. Being sick that much made me extremely grateful for good health!

Movement: I didn’t feel any moment during the first 14 weeks.

Have you started to show yet: Not really!

Maternity clothes: I didn’t wear maternity clothes until around week 17 but I did transition to very flowy tops and I went up two bra sizes! That was the biggest change I noticed in trimester one; they seemed to just grow and grow!

Stretch marks: Thankfully no stretch marks in trimester one.

Gender: We didn’t do any genetic testing at week 11 so we didn’t know what we were having until week 20!

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy, just sick of throwing up:)

Best moments of Trimester One: My favorite moments during the first 14 weeks were seeing and hearing the baby, telling our families the news at Christmas and enjoying the celebration with my two cousins who were pregnant at the same time!

Here is a short clip from when we told my family!

What we are looking forward to: Telling our friends and coworkers, finding out the gender, seeing a bump start, and planning the baby moon!

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And Then There Were THREE...

"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord. And he worshiped the Lord there." 
Samuel 1:27-28 (NIV)

Tanner and I are so very excited to welcome our first, sweet baby boy this Summer! Our hearts are overflowing with joy, excitement and love for this precious little one we have been chosen to take care of. We are praying for a life full of deep love, amazing journeys and God's sweet blessing for this little one!

I've been looking forward to sharing the news with y'all and can't wait to catch you up on the pregnancy and all the little things that go with it! I'm grateful now more than ever, to be a part of a community of wonderful ladies where I can learn from all the other mommies that have gone before me!


Valentine's Wear - A Night In

Valentine's Wear - A Night In

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. 6. | 7. 8. | 9. | 10. | 11.

Tanner and I have made a tradition to stay in on V-Day. We still get a little dolled up but we skip the overpriced fixed menus and crowds in favor of a nice fire and amazing meal at home. Last year I shared a sample menu for a night in and this year I wanted to share a simple look. I love the detail on a this blouse and everything else just compliments it so well! 

Whatever you do for V-Day, I hope you spend it with a few things that make you very happy!

Have a great weekend!


Infused Water

There are few things more refreshing then an ice cold glass of water. While I have always been a big water consumer, I do like spicing it up every now and then with fruit, veggies and herbs. There are a few fixings that I use the most but my big moto is to keep it simple. Water infuses very easy so a little can go a long way. Below are a few of my favorite combos; I hope you enjoy!

Favorite combinations - 

Citrus Rosemary: Two Lemon Slices, Five Cucumber Slices, One Sprig of Rosemary

Berry Lime +Mint: One handfull Blueberries, One handfull Blackberries, 1 Sprig of Mint

Strawberry Basil: One handfull halved Strawberries, Two Lime Slices, 4 Sweet Basil Leaves

Happy Thursday loves! Hope you have a fantastic day!
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