Hello! This is the part where I tell you a few things about myself. My “self” is continuing to learn and grow, so these few paragraphs may do the same thing! But for now, this is me in 10 sentences…

I’m in my twenties and thankful to be a wife, mama to sweet Lincoln, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend. I have a heart for God, and I’m continually amazed by His grace; grace I’m trying to pour out to everyone I touch. I’m the oldest of four who is trying to learn to be a friend (and not a second mom) to my sweet siblings who won’t stop growing up. I believe that love is a feeling, gift, and a choice. I’m a dedicated partner in my marriage to a wonderful man that I know God made just for me. I have a heart for babies and welcomed my first in July. He is perfect and has changed my world more than I could every imagine. Older folks make me melt and I have to fight the feeling to hug each one I encounter. Speaking of old souls, I was born with one, and it has served me well. I love marketing and I’m blessed to have a job that allows me to continue to grow in this field. And I love hugs…I give them out like smiles.

I'm so happy you came by, Landing on Love.  My hope is that I can encourage you, share ideas that make the everyday a bit better, and maybe even generate a few laughs.
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