Top 30 Newborn Essentials

We are a month away from welcoming our second little one into the family and the excitement is building with each little onesie and blanket I fold. We've been pretty focused the last few weeks on getting the house ready and all those newborn essentials prepped for use.

I had to laugh with my husband about how different our preparations have been the second time around! With our first we followed all the recommendations on what gadgets and items to have on hand, and everything from the nursery to our hospital bag was ready a month in advance.

This time around I have so much more confidence in what we actually need to take care of him and have done my research on what new items I truly feel are essential and worth the investment. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to share our TOP 30 newborn essentials for any first-time mamas that are preparing for their little one to arrive. I've grouped similar items and provided a brief description below on why I selected the item for your reference.  I hope this will help you and please let me know if you have any questions!

We received so many cute and stylish clothes for our first born and while they were absolutely adorable, I found myself really wanting him to be in pieces that were very comfortable and functional. We honestly only put him in a handful of the 25+ outfits he received! This time around I focused on organic pieces when available that were extremely soft, temperature appropriate and easy for us to take on and off for diaper changing. Here are my top picks:

1. Zippered Long-sleeve PJ: Even though I have summer babies in Texas I still opt to put them in long-sleeve because we keep our house pretty cold (I run much hotter when i'm breast feeding than when I'm pregnant). My four favorite zippered long-sleeve onesie brands are Aden + Anais, Hanna Andersson Organic Line, Old Navy and Gerber Organics.
2. Organic Long-sleeve Onesie: You can never have enough of these and I love the built-in hand covers and soft fabric of these!
3. Organic Gowns: Easy access which is so nice for those middle of the night changes!
4. Socks: Keeping socks on a newborn is near impossible but these were by far the easiest!
5. Hats: I'm a huge believer in keeping hats on little ones while their bodies learn how to regulate their temperature better.
This is one area we went crazy on with our first. We had a four different sleeping options, two swings, three carriers, etc. We found most to be redundant and just really not needed. This round we decided to stick with the basic items that our first son used the most with the understanding that if this little one is different and needs different items, we will borrow and try out alternatives from friends before we purchase new. Borrow before buying is my biggest tip! There were several very expensive items I borrowed with my first that he ended up not liking at all. I was so happy not to have wasted the money!

6. UPPAbaby Vista System: This was by far our most used baby item with our first son. In my opinion it is worth the investment. To my surprise, we used the bassinet that comes with this system in place of a traditional bassinet. The ability to push it back and forth in the middle of the night without getting out of bed was amazing. I also love that I could transport him around the house in it safely and the huge storage basket was the perfect place to keep extra diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. While this is not a trail stroller, we've taken it to all our local hike and bike trails and Colorado without issue.
7. MESA Carseat: This snaps right into the stroller with no needed attachments. The only thing I will say is that if your baby has reflux or colic, the positioning of this seat might be an issue.
8. Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper: This was the other item our first slept in until he was right at the weight limit. It rocks on its own, holds them securely and is perfect for reflux babies that can't be laid on their backs.
9. DockATot Deluxe: We didn't plan on co-sleeping with our first but there were many, many times where the extreme fatigue took over and I woke up with our son in bed with us or on my chest. This time around I wanted a safe option for us to use in bed and in our living areas to keep him safe and secure. I love the breathable fabric used for DockATot and how easily it can move with you and baby around the house and on trips!
10. Boppy Nursing Pillow: Some don't require nursing pillows but for me, finding the perfect position proved to be very difficult and this pillow made it much easier. As our first got older, it was also a great way to practice tummy time!


11. Wildbird Ring Sling: The benefits of baby wearing are endless and this time around I wanted an option that was easier to navigate and use than the wrap I used with my first son. Wildbird is an amazing company with a beautiful mission and product. I can't wait to use it with this little one!
12. Swaddle Sacks: My first loved to be swaddled and the Halo SleepSack and the Love to Dream Swaddle Up Organic are by far my favorite options. TIP: Find an option that is easy to swaddle with one arm out so that in later months your little one can get used to sleeping "free".
13. 5-in-1 Multi-Use Cover: I love finding brands with functional, quality products and Copper Pearl is one of those companies. This product replaced three that I kept with me all the time with my first. It will serve as a nursing cover, car seat cover and cart cover. The prints are just beautiful and the fabric is so soft!
14. Swaddle Blankets: Copper Pearl and Aden + Anais make my two favorite blankets. They are extremely soft and hold up great in the wash!
15. Burp Cloths: Another Copper Pearl winner is their burp cloths. You can never have to many and these don't hold stains which is a huge plus! Click here for my all natural laundry detergent we use! 


16. Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub: Our sinks are not deep enough to use an insert and our oldest enjoys his water temperature warmer than what we are comfortable with for a newborn so we needed a counter top option and I loved that this one is collapsible and easy to transport.
17. Beautycounter Baby Line: What we put on our children's skin will absorb into their bloodstream in 22 seconds. The US has almost no regulations on the personal care industry or the ingredients they use in their products. Most of the products we use every day contain ingredients that are known to cause cancer, hormone disruption, skin irritations, etc. After some health issues I started researching a few of the products I used on myself and my boys and was shocked at what I found. I was unknowingly putting so many harmful chemicals on my son and decided to make a switch to safer alternatives. Beautycounter was by far the best company I found and I've loved using their kids and baby line over the last year. We will use their baby wash in place of traditional baby soap, their oil in place of lotion and their balm in place of Aquaphor.
18. Nail Clippers: Out of all the grooming available, this was by far our most used!
19. Hooded Towels & Wash Cloths: Loved these organic bath towels and cloths from Burt's Bees Baby.
20. Nasal Aspirator: We have loved the BoogieBulb with our first. It does a great job clearing out the mouth and nose and it is extremely easy to clean!
21. Pampers Pure Diaper and Wipes: We tried just about all the disposable diaper brands the first time around and pampers ended up fitting our son the best but at the time their safest option was from their sensitive line. This is the newest line by pampers and I'm very excited to see a safer option that is free of bleach, chlorine, fragrance, parabens and latex!


22. Medela Bottles: Even if your plan is to breastfeed, I think it is important to have a bottle option to try in case breastfeeding doesn't work for you and baby or to have available to introduce at 4-6 weeks to help baby learn to take breastmilk from a bottle. While I have another bottle option to try in case our newest doesn't like the feel of Medela, I originally went with their bottles because they made pumping to feed so easy. If you working and want to continue to breastfeed after you go back, I think it is critical to find a pumping, storage and bottle system that makes your life easier! Below is the pump I used.
23. Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack: This was a life saver to dry all my pump parts, bottles, nipples and pacifiers.
24. Pacifiers: We used a pacifier from the very start and never had an issue with nipple confusion or feeding issues because of it's introduction. Our first loved Avent and MAM the most.
25. Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk Warmer: If you are planning to pump exclusively or even feed using a bottle a few times a day, I would reccomend a bottle warmer. This one is one of the best for breastmilk.
26. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump: Make sure you go through your insurance to get your pump; most models are free! A double pump was critical for me since I pumped at work for almost 6 months 3 times a day!
27. Sterilizer: I tried using sterilizer bags a few times but I was pretty picky about how often I wanted to clean his pacifiers and pumping parts and the bags just were not practical. I ended up using a sterilizer until he was almost two for his pacifiers and bottles. If you are going to use bottles at all, I think a sterilizer is the way and there are plenty of options to fit whatever bottle you select. I enjoyed having a tiered, taller option that didn't take up a ton of countertop room and had specific places for bottle, nipples, pacifiers and accessories.

28. Owlet Care Smart Sock: Like many parents with their first child, we spent almost every night checking our little guy constantly to make sure he was still breathing and safe. I remember how overwhelming it felt, and how much more scared we were after he left our room and started napping and then spending nights in his crib. At the time, we didn't have any sort of monitor on him other than video, so the moment I found out we were expecting our second child, I knew we needed to find a better solution. After much research and talking with friends who had health monitors, we found the Owlet Care Smart Sock was by far the most recommended. It is designed to notify you if your baby's heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside the recommended present zones. All the settings are managed through an easy-to-navigate app, and the smart sock itself can be worn on the left or right foot depending on your babies comfort. Of all the products we are adding to our home for Baby #2, this is by far the one we are most excited about, and I can't wait to share more with you on our experience with it. [Disclosure: I've partnered with Owlet Care to share this product, but all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. Disclaimer: Owlet Smart Sock is not a medical device. Owlet is only intended to be a health and wellness device and does not claim to prevent or diagnose any medical condition. It should not be used in place of medical monitors your little one is on.]
29. Sprout Baby App: I had the hardest time remembering what side I feed on last or how long he ate. I knew I needed one place were I could track everything and this app lets you track all details around your babies feeding, sleeping and diapering.
30. Tinybeans App: This online photo journal is the perfect place to store all those sweet moments you capture and safely share them with family. When the time comes, it also makes it super easy to print them all in the photobook! Total mom win in my book!

Alright ladies I'm sure this goes without saying, but these are the products we have chosen to use based on our experience with our first. Every child is different and every home needs different items to run at it's best. I hope this will serve as a good starting point and I wish you the best in your preparations!


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