4 Steps to Create a Summer Glow in the Winter

I become such a ghost in the Winter months and it can be so hard to fake a summer glow without looking too orange or overdone. I can be done though, and I wanted to quickly share how I create a natural summer glow in four easy steps. This is a very simple look with minimal makeup used, (it takes me about three minutes to create this whole look) which is another plus since we are all back into our normal, busy routines!

 All the details on what I used are below:

 ☀️ When I started the video I had on Tint Skin Foundation in Linen and the touchup concealer pen in Fair.
 ☀️ Color Pinch Cream Blusher - I used Hibiscus but Umber is very similar with a rosy tint instead of pink, and Caramel is just the perfect neutral glow. I LOVE this formula. 
☀️#1 Matte Bronzer: I used this under my cheek bones to my hair line and up my forehead. I love the subtle depth and color it adds. I was pretty light with my application here so you can absolutely use more and create a deeper contour.
☀️ Ocean & Pacific Palette: As I mentioned, you could skip the #1 Bronzer and use the one from this palette that I used on my eyes. I just wanted to show you both bronzer options since they are on sale! I love the eyeshadows in this palette but the blush, bronzer and highlight are my favorites!

What are you tips for creating a Summer Glow in January?

Please let me know if you have any questions! All the products I used can be shopped here!


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