Welcome 2017

I'm a sucker for a new year. A fresh start with clean pages and no dust or build-up to overcome; it just makes me giddy. I love reflecting on the last year and thinking about what the new year will hold. 

Some milestones are clear, like this year I will turn 30. I will watch my little boy turn two, our family business turn three and my marriage turn SEVEN! I know I will face sadness and hopefully more joy then I'm imagining as I write these words. Some things are unknown and will present themselves as God reveals this year's story. 

I also love challenging my self to be better; better for his kingdom, better to my husband and son, better to my family and friends and better to my community. Each year I like making a little list of things I want to work on each month. I don't label them "resolutions" but they are pretty much that. I write them in my planner and at the start of each month I pull a few out to focus on. I'm human and get lazy with lifes excuses. This exercise helps me refocus and put tactical things on my calendar that realign my time with what maters most. Tanner and I talk a lot about the balance between being relaxed and being disciplined. It is hard for me to not float the extreme of each. I struggle with rigid disciple and having grace with myself and others...they just seem opposite to me. However, I can also see how disciple can grant you freedom. I'm going to keep finding my balance this year but for now, I have my list and my focus for this month.

I'd love to hear how you approach the new year. What are you dreaming about this year? 

Cheers to a bountiful 2017!


Thank you so much for following along and sharing your thoughts! I read each one; they mean the world to me!

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