Weekend Rewind: Labor Day

Coming off a long weekend that's meant to close out Summer just might make for the hardest Monday night. Mission de-clutter, football kick-off, sprinkler mayhem and yummy libations was 100% successful. We soaked up productivity and snuck in laziness. Lincoln made us laugh and wore our butts out, then made us laugh more. He also got his second molar...praise Jesus. Speaking of Jesus, Sunday's service hit Tanner and me in the gut. It's Divine when that happens and you can't do anything but listen and act. I love being in church again. Little man also loves it and apparently shared a trick he owns, unbeknown to us, and blew bubbles for the class?!? My little performer. Sunday was our day of rest and I kicked my feet up during nap times, cooked a roast for the Longhorn game and let baby run around in just his diaper. We tried to keep "no's" to a mimim and just enjoyed our day! In fact, we just enjoyed our weekend, melt-downs and fussiness in all, we just enjoyed. Here's a little peek.

Come back tomorrow for my first outfit post in almost 2 years!

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