Friday Favorites: Labor Day Essentials If You're Staying Home

Happy holiday weekend my friends! What are y'all doing for the long weekend? We were toying with the idea of going to the beach, because that's how you close out the summer, right? Instead we decided to take advantage of the three days and de-clutter the house and play right here at home. We have put off the garage and closet situation for about two whole years...it isn't pretty. As I'm writing this out, I'm feeling like it was a grave mistake to turn down the beach for this, but sometimes you need to adult and get some shit done. So here we are, getting excited about mission de-clutter and all the fun stuff we have planned in between. If you are like us and staying around the house this holiday weekend, here are a few things we are planning to close our Summer and get excited for Fall!
1. Cookout: We will grill long into the Fall but there is nothing like a hot dinner off the grill when you're watching the first football game of the season. These black bean quinoa burgers and these amazing turkey burgers will be on the menu!
2. Labor Day Sales: In cases you are in the mood for a little shopping here is a round-up of the best deals this weekend!
3. De-clutting: If you are planning on a little GSD (get shit done) this weekend and de-cluttering is on your radar, check out these tip from Real Simple!
4. Football: Sunday kicks off the first UT football game. We are excited to have some friends over, grill and let the kiddos run around in the sprinklers while we see how this season is going to start!
5. Splash Pads: Last weekend we tried out a few splash pad near downtown that Lincoln just loved. There are several right in our areas, some that I think are likely a little more suited for a 13 month-old, that we are planning to visit this weekend. Most in the South will close the last weekend in September so get in this free activity while you can!
6. Movie Date: Tanner and I are going to have a movie date in the living room each night this weekend after Lincoln goes down. Here are the top nine movie picks that will get you in the spirit for Autumn from the Huffington Post.
7. Homemade Apple Sauce: Lincoln is obsessed with apple sauce and we just used our last organic store-bought pouch so I this weekend we will be making a batch to enjoy the next few weeks. We are going to try this recipe, but if you have any that you swear by please send them my way!
8. Fall Garden: I'm considering a garden this Fall and will be doing a little research this weekend on how to get started. We had a spring, summer and fall garden growing up at our house and the Farm and I have the best memories of all the good veggies we got. I'd love to get that going with little man!
9. Sipping: I'm planning on sipping many different things over the next three days to get me through the de-clutter and keep cool. Here are 23 Labor Day cocktails in case you are needing a little inspiration.

Stay safe and check back Monday for a video re-wind of our weekend!

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