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WEAR: Mom Uniform
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It has been more of an adjustment then I was expecting moving from the corporate world to being a stay at home mom. All the good and hard moments mix well together though and each day we find a deeper rhythm and flow. One thing that has seen loads of change is my everyday look. My hair, make-up and clothes have change and I have to say, I love it.

I focus on simple, cool and moveable. My boy is up, down and everything in between. Breathable, light-weight and well-fitting is a must. I thought I'd share my new "uniform" in case there are any new mommies out there that need a little inspiration!  When we are heading out for a day of fun or errands, I opt for a simple tee with patterned shorts and converse. I keep my jewelry very low key and a neutral lip. For a day at the house, boyfriend jeans and a comfortable shirt with soft slides are my jam. I currently have a shoulder diaper bag but I'm looking at trading it in for a backpack. As Lincoln and I do more and more outside the house and he becomes more mobile, I'm seeing the advantages of a bag that's sung to your back. Simple, classic and easy...that's me these days, and I'm loving it!

What's your everyday look for working out of the house?

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  1. Love these outfits! My little one tugs and pulls on everything I wear, so casual and comfy is a must for me. I need those jeans and that stripey top!!


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