There You Are!

It's been ten months since I have opened this little space. It feels like stepping into an old cabin that's resembles home but has been taken over by cobwebs and dust. It even smells a little...wait, that may be due to bits of breakfast in my hair that were so effortless placed by my little man's fingers...At any rate, it's been a while.

Where have I been you ask? Well, I had to prioritize my time after returning to work from having Mr. Lincoln and blogging just didn't make the cut unfortunately. After being away from him all day, I just wanted baby snuggles and play time with my boys. Week nights were filled with messy dinners and baby baths, and weekends were too precious to care about anything but family time; blog content and taking the prefect picture of a new recipe just didn't feel important.

Life ebbs and flows, and each little stage is filled with new adventures and challenges. My type A personality hates being inconsistent and stepping away, but these tender moments are too sweet to miss out on and I'm learning it's ok to choose. So, the last 10 months I chose to work hard at the office and spend every spare moment loving on my family and keeping the daily bits of life going. And can I tell you, I feel like I barely kept those little bits going at times.

I've never been more humbled and thankful for my family and friends! I've also never felt more convicted about our calling to encourage, support and love on other mommies. What a great opportunity we have to invest in the community of mothers that surround us at home and online. New to the game or a 20-year veteran, I'm convinced you never stop learning how to parent and there will never be a day, "You're doing great", doesn't give you a little lift.

I feel like life is ebbing back to allowing more time for this space and I'm excited. Thanks for sticking with me!

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