Friday Favorites: The Sick Baby Guide

Greetings from one tired mama. Is there anything worst than a sick baby?! Our little man came down with a nasty cold/fever virus and my heart just hurts for him. He is not a baby who sleeps more when he is sick and the little dear is just out of sorts. I'm praying for a quick recover but if I'm being real, days with a sick kid just drag on and that prayer might be a little self-serving too. When you find yourself throwing your adult leg over the side of the crib to crawl in with your screaming child, you know you might have reached a new low. This parenting thing keeps your on your toes doesn't it:) In the spirit of our current state, I thought I'd share four things that make sick days a little more bearable.
1. Living Room Set-up: This isn't a product but a process that just makes the whole day easier. Have your partner sit with baby or do this while they are eating and set-up your space for the day. I put a huge, soft blanket on the floor in the living room with pillows and Lincoln's comforts (pacifiers, blankets, bear, etc.). I get a tray for our drinks, some snacks, remotes, phone, tissues, diapers/wipes and meds. I also grab a piece of paper so I can write down when he had the meds last; I always forget the times! This might sound like over-kill but it makes a huge difference not have to get up to find all these little things. Your tired self can now use the little energy you have playing with toys and holding your sweet baby! 

2. SEPHORA Fiber Mask: The up-all nighters make my skin look like death so while I have baby in the high-chair eating, I try to do a mask. Some of my favorites are the Pomegranate and Rose mask, they are so easy and make my skin feel like it got 8 hours of sleep!

3. WATER, Water, WATER: The amount of coffee and Spark I have to consume to stay awake makes it absolutely necessary to flood my system with water. It's hard to remember to drink water though so my huge cup has to stay with me and visible. I try to drink one every 2 hours.

4. Coconut Oil Hair Mask: The same line of thought I have for my face, I take with my hair. I'm lucky if I can shower when little man is sick, but doing just a little to take care of my face and hair makes me feel a million times better. This is so easy to apply and I leave it in all day until daddy gets home and I can shower. *NOTE: You might be thinking, I hardly have time to eat when my child is sick, I can't put a face and hair mask on! All you need is 3 minutes total to do both; take the time, you need it!

If you have any other recommendations, please send them! I wish y'all a great weekend!

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