Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well, and if you are in Texas, I hope you are finding a way to escape this heat. Each August I go through a bit of confusion as I sweat my skin off and wonder why I subject myself to Texas summers. Under-the-bra sweat is never a good look but it's about the only style I seem to pull off these days...it is steamy people!

Moving on, I thought I'd share a little more about where I've been and the big transition that our family recently made...

Long before little man was even a little man, Tanner and I talked about how important it was that our kids had a parent at home with them each day. We both were blessed with families that made extreme sacrifices to allow our mothers to stay home, and while we didn't fully appreciate it at the time, that investment shaped us more than we imagined.

Many families have dreams similar to ours but are unable to make the transition finically. Tanner and I were no different. The month before Lincoln was conceived, Tanner quit his job to start a business we had been planning for the previous two years. We were elated with the big move and felt the mercy of the Lord as doors continued to open for our new venture. We knew the timing of the pregnancy didn't align with the goals we had for me to stay home, but we stayed faithful and worked our butts off! We gave ourselves the goal to be home by little man's first birthday, July 14, 2016.

There were many tears leaving him during those nine months, stressful evenings and set-backs with the new business. At times we felt like it was pushing further away, but the Lord's timing is always better than our own. In June, after months of feeling so close, we sat down at my birthday dinner and picked my last day in the corporate world. It was such a special moment.

My first day home was Lincoln's first birthday. As you can see, I wore him out!
I feel like a sappy cliche, but looking back each of the events that felt like major set-backs were actually milestones we had to pass through to get home to our boy. All the glory to Him. We had a plan for our family but He allowed it to happen.

It's been almost three weeks and I'm just in Heaven. I know there will be hard days, but I'm so humbled with this opportunity. So cheers to the SAHM club!

Now, please tell me all your tricks for entertaining a toddler all day!

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  1. Welcome to the SAHM club!! Isn't it wonderful!? My little one is only 9mo, so I don't have any toddler advice but my advice to you is make sure to take some time for yourself. It's incredible how fast the days will go and how easy it is to forget to do the simplest things, like eat! Being a SAHM is a monumental blessing. I hope you enjoy every moment!!


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