A Baby Boy Nursery

One of my favorite things about preparing for a new baby was dreaming about and creating the nursery. I had a pretty clear picture in my mind of what I wanted for baby boy, and I enjoyed each minute of finalizing paint colors, bedding and pictures. Even a year later, I'm still in love with the space; it's become my favorite room in the house.

I gained inspiration from looking at other nurseries and thought I may share a few images from little man's room in case you are doing a little planning of your own!

Nursery Details
Paint Color: Valspar - Gravity 
Side Table: Home Goods
Toy Basket: Home Goods
Rug: Home Goods
Diaper Holder: Harper Diaper Holder
Bedding and Pillow: Organic Elliot Nursery Bedding
Curtains: Target
All Frames: Michaels 

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