Packing for the Hospital

What do you take to birth a child?! I've never done this before so naturally I took to the internet to find out, and while there were some common themes (pads that look like diapers...oh joy), there were also many items that seemed to be added/modified after baby number one. After a little debate and talking to a few friends who recently delivered at our hospital, I decided on the items below.

Hospital Bag - Mommy
For clothing in the hospital, I opted for a few very soft nursing gowns with matching robes, postpartum leggings and very soft nursing gowns. Many said they loved the gowns for right after delivery and at night, but opted for leggings and tops during the day when visitors would come. I also packed a few nursing tanks, nursing bras, and postpartum undies. Many people swear by the mesh undies and other said they felt so much better once they were in their own; I'll have both either way. Warm socks, slippers and flips for the shower and going home were also at the top of the list. Nursing  pads, nipple cream and heavy duty pads are loaded and ready to go in addition to all your typical toiletries. 
Hospital Bag - For Baby Boy
For baby boy I packed up very soft layettes and gowns in addition to a simple going home outfit. He also has many swaddle blankets (one going home blanket from Nana), socks, hats and burp cloths. I know the hospital will provide diapers and wipes, but I packed a few organic ones in case he has sensitive skin. He also had plenty of ninnies and a little sweet soother, mostly because it was too cute not to take.

Hospital Bag - Other Items
The other items we packed were snacks for daddy to munch on and a plate of cookies for all the sweet nurses. In addition to our phones, we have an iPad (with access to all our movies), the camera with a new SD Card and Video camera. We have everything charged but brought chargers just in case they are needed. We aren't allowed to have candles in our hospital so I bought a small oil defuser with flaming essentials for the L&D room, and we have a labor playlist ready on our phone with a sound dock to help welcome this sweet boy. Final items people swear you needed where your own pillows and towels. I also packed a notepad to write down all his visitors and moments from the birth I want to make sure are not forgotten. Some people brought the big baby book for people to sign, but I didn't want to have to lug it around so I opted for this instead.

What am I missing ladies? Everything fits into one carry-on bag and a weekend bag for mommy and daddy and baby boy's items are in his diaper bag. I want to keep it as compact as possible but would love to hear if I'm missing any "must-have" items!

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