Infused Water

There are few things more refreshing then an ice cold glass of water. While I have always been a big water consumer, I do like spicing it up every now and then with fruit, veggies and herbs. There are a few fixings that I use the most but my big moto is to keep it simple. Water infuses very easy so a little can go a long way. Below are a few of my favorite combos; I hope you enjoy!

Favorite combinations - 

Citrus Rosemary: Two Lemon Slices, Five Cucumber Slices, One Sprig of Rosemary

Berry Lime +Mint: One handfull Blueberries, One handfull Blackberries, 1 Sprig of Mint

Strawberry Basil: One handfull halved Strawberries, Two Lime Slices, 4 Sweet Basil Leaves

Happy Thursday loves! Hope you have a fantastic day!

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