New Year's Wishes

Welcome 2015! Here we are at the start of a new year, a fresh sweet new beginning. I love new years. A chance to reflect on where your life went the last year and where you want it to move during the next.

2014 was a year of growth and excitement for our family. We traveled to Spain and Italy and experienced adventures we've only talked about. We grew professionally - My sweet husband left his job and started a new company we had been praying for and I expanded roles at my job. We continued improvements to the house which feels more like home each day. We made great memories with our friends and saw our families evolve and grow into more happiness. It was a blessed year.

2015 is a unknown but I couldn't be more excited to see what's in store. For the last two years I have been making wishes for the new year and I thought I might continue this tradition...

Become More Involved In Our New Church

Plan A Tea Party With The Ladies In My Family

Plan Updates For The Office & Guest Room

Pack A Picnic When Spring Comes and Share A Day In The Sun With My Man

Add New Life To Our Yard With Trees And Blackberry Bushes

Spend More Time At The Farm With Dad

Read Four New Books

Burry My Toes In The Sand

Document The Lives Of Our Grandparents 

Visit a Place We've Never Been 

Thank you all for all the support in 2014. I love what this little space has become and I'm excited to continue to share and evolve here in 2015.

Happy New Year!

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