Wear: Gym Essentials

Wear: Essentials for the Gym

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Last month Tanner and I decided to join a local gym in an effort to help our workout routines. T.V. had been working out at a gym near his office which was great most days during the week, but not great on the weekends or days when I wanted to join him. Most of my workouts took place at the house on the treadmill or with my array of workout videos I collected over the years. Working out at home has worked for me over the past few years, but this year I've been struggling to find motivation so a change of pace was needed. 

So far we love our new gym and have enjoyed a new routine. Part of that new routine is packing my gym bag the night before and changing at the office so we can go straight to the gym after work. If I make any type of detour on the way the likely hood of me making there is slime to none:) The first few weeks I seemed to forget things like socks and workout shoes (kinda the most important thing), but I feel like I've perfected the pack so I thought I would share it with you! 

I'm finding motivation in training with Tanner and feel like I'm slowly getting my grove back. How do y'all get back into the swing of working out after a dip in motivation?

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Oh goodness, I am trying to get back in that swing as well. Summer just took my motivation out of me but once I get in my school routine, things get easier. Love your blog, SO much!! Had to follow via GFC and blog lovin' and of course insta as well. I would love if you did the same! :) xoxo



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