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We have been given such a sweet Summer. The temps are unbelievably nice and we've had more rain showers in the May and June than I feel like we've had in the last year. Some say it's El Nino coming our way and some say it won't last. All I know, is that I'm loving it.

Last month I mentioned that the manfriend and I decided to spend a little time on our outdoor living and shared one of the recent landscaping projects we did. This week I wanted to share a few updates we've made it the back patio. Nothing too grand, just simple updates that have lead to more meals shared outside and more glasses of wine drank listening to the evening hum of crickets.#SummerPerfection

De-clutter/Clean - First thing we did was throw away all the old patio pieces that were left over from the previous owner.  Then we power washed the whole patio ceiling and floor.  This made such a difference!

Lights - I've been looking for these outdoor lights since last Summer and was so happy to get the last few boxes Target had during a recent outdoor sale. We used a total of 5 boxes for our patio and attached them to the ceiling beams with screw-in metal hooks that had a clasp to ensure they would stay in place incase a strong wind came through.

Seating Area - We were given an outdoor table and chairs when we were married and after we moved into our house two years ago we decided to add a new coat of paint to the set, changing the hunter green to a burnished amber. Our excitement for that project lasted long enough the paint the table; no such luck on the chairs. First update was to sand down the rough spots on the table, clean it, then repaint it all with Rust-Oleum® Universal® Forged Hammered Spray Paint in burnished amber. After the table dried I added bright seat cushions and a matching pillow to a nearby wicker chair. Comfort is so important and these World Market cushions are perfect; plush and easy to clean!

Plants - I love hanging baskets and bright blooms. This summer I added a few new pieces, and gave a little extra TLC to my old faithfuls. I like a mix of hanging baskets, my current patio favorites are the Boston Fern, Swedish Ivy, and Bougainvilleas. My potted plants that I have nestled against the pine bench are FoxtailFerns. I also added a sweet bright pink pinta to the table.

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  1. What a great outside space!! I love sitting outside and enjoying my morning coffee or a nice glass of wine. Makes it even better when you have a cute space like this to go to. :)

  2. I love your patio! It looks like such a relaxing place in the mornings and evenings! Very cute.

  3. i wish i have this kind of place too where i could spend nights after a busy day! :)

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