My Summer Play List

Where has the season gone?! I can't believe we are already to August and beginning the official down slop of Summer. Late nights, sunburns, fruit mouths, and messy hair have been on repeat the last few months, and I have a feeling the remaining part of sweet Summer will be spent with a playlist like this one. 

1. Fresh Fruit Salad: It's no secret that one of my favorite parts of Summer is all the fresh fruit; I can eat myself sick on berries and watermelon. I'm always looking for new ways to mix them into our menu and this avocado fruit salad looks like a must try!

2. Messy Braids: Loving all braids right now, especially ones like this that keep it up and off your face. So pretty.

3. Studded Sandals: I've been on the lookout for a jeweled pair of sandals this summer and these keep catching my eyes!

4. Perfect Summer Glow: Simple makeup that makes my skin glow is all I want right now and these Bobbie Brown shades are perfect for achieving just that.

5. Flowy Floral: I'm loving this floral trend and don't know how you could go wrong with a sweet swing dress like this!

6. Words of Summer

7. Bright Lips: I want nothing but bright colors on my lips right now. Here are some of my favorites from Bite.

8. Summer Sipping: Nothing makes me want an ice cold drink like Summer in Texas. I'm always on the lookout for good low-calore drinks and when I ran across this Ruby-Red Grapefruit cocktail I quickly decided it was a must try.

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


  1. LOVING bright lips recently too. Can't stop won't stop! :)

  2. Loving Kate's summer glow! Would love to see a vain pursuits review!

    1. I've been seeing Vain Pursuits pop up everywhere, what do they do?

  3. I truly appreciate this blog post.


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