Austin Eats: Fabi + Rosi

On our continued quest to find and try Austin's every expanding food scene we stumbled into Fabi + Rosi...and boy was it yum. F+R is not a new fixture in town but it is somewhat off the beaten path which made it new to us. A quick drive down Lake Austin Blvd. will take you to their location; a little residential home that is perfectly decorated with a modern, french flair (interesting for a German restaurant). Massive and expertly positioned bay windows illuminate the restaurant with beautiful afternoon light that reflects off the wall of mirrors and hanging blown-glass ornaments. We took advantage of their happy hour and 1/2 bottle service on Thursdays which made a bottle of bubbles necessary. The food was exceptional but I have to say that my dish (Hühner-Roulade) was a very small portion. They source all their ingredients from local farms and the freshness of that comes through in the clean and savory flavor of their dishes. Dessert was a twist on the classic Crème Brûlée, which they call Chevre Tart + Preserved-Candied Lemon...so good! The experience was charming and the food didn't disappointment. This will definitely be a spot we will repeat in the future!

I hope y'all have a great Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!

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