Happy Independence Day

Happy Birthday, America! 

I hope y’all are having an amazing July Fourth thus far!  We are soaking up the sun in the country with some great friends and good food.  It is pretty much heaven.

Before I share a few inspiring links for July Fourth fun, I wanted to thank our service men and woman who make it possible to still celebrate this countries foundation each year.  I’m so thankful to live here and I’m forever grateful to each of them for sacrificing so much.  It is pretty amazing.

Alright, I’m going to leave you with 5 fun/yummy/stylish ideas for July Fourth.  They are all easy, so there is still time to jump in! 

  1. Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream Cake - I want to sink my face in this!
  2. D.I.Y American Flag Wreath - Emily has loads of fun D.IY.s for the fourth up!
  3. Red, White, and Blue Ice Cubes - A beautiful way to add color to any drink and when they melt you can eat the fruit!
  4. Perfect Holiday Headband - I can't wait to wear this today!
  5. Five Low-Calorie Cocktails - Perfect for this holiday weekend!

I will see you back here next week! Until then you can find me on Instagram and Twitter

Happy Fourth!

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