Outdoor Living - A Dirty Bed D.I.Y.

When we found our house we knew it was the one, but we also knew it would be a labor of love. The "bones" of the house were great, but the inside was 1983 untouched in all it's glory. After the metallic wall paper, glass walls, and brass hardware came out (along with 100 other things) we were left with a long list of projects that we've been slowly working through. We decided to prioritize our list from the inside out, which left the outdoors to its own the last two years.  I know I've mentioned how much I love the outdoors, so not putting ANY work into our outdoor living space was killing me. The lack of appeal in space was also keeping us from enjoying the view and soaking in the Spring time temps, which is no bueno. In a effort to fix that, we decided to take a little time and money to do a few little improvements to the yard and patio's.  Over the next few weeks, I'll share these projects with you.

D.I.Y. - Flower Bed Redesign
Before you redesign an outdoor bed, make sure you know these three things: 1) Sun exposure (Including time-of-day), 2) Heat exposure, 3) Water restrictions.  Also take note of the soil; how long has it been there; is there a mix of soil, etc. And lastly, know what you are looking for ascetically. If you are unfamiliar with flowers and plants, go to a nursery with this information and they will point you in the right direction.

Our bed gets direct sun until around 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., the soil is old and nutrient rich but the bed isn't too large so it tends to get pretty hot in temperature.  The last two years I've tried to plant different herbs there to no avail, so I knew I wanted a few hearty plants and full sun, draught resistant flowers. Once you have your plants, flowers, soil, and tools (Shovel, Gloves, Scissors) this project moves fast! NOTE - If you live in a apartment or rental, this can be replicated in pots.  All the same principals apply.

Step 1: Clean out bed of weeds and large rocks.  Add additional soil or compost if needed. 

Step 2: Position plants in bed where you would like them to sit.  Tip: Push the containers in the soil and bit to make an outline for where to dig.

Step 3. Get to planting; the depth should be the same as they have in their current container.  Tip: I left the plants and flowers in their container while we dug each hole to allow us to easily test the depth. After the plants are in the ground or pot, make sure to push the base of the plant down, and then water very good.  

Its been three weeks since we planted these guys and they are kicking along great!  Remember that it will take a little time for them to pep up after you plant them; the repotting process tends to shock their system.

It's been crazy how much this small update has changed the back yard. We didn't realize how much that bed was an eye sore until it was fixed!

Happy planting!


  1. Mannnn I wish I would've read this before we did our flower bed. We did great, but the extra tips would've been nice for us beginners. lol. By the way, I'm super excited I found your blog (from LIY's page) I love making new blogging friends and I'm glad to be following via GFC and bloglovin!

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  4. It's an amazing idea. I'm a gardener and I have to maintain lots of projects but after view your article, I have decided to make it. Thanks

  5. Great tutorial, your outdoor living dirty bed looks great. I'm going to show my husband the outdoor living dirty bed and see what he can do!


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