Moments from Barcelona, Spain

Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend. We enjoyed the last two days working on an outdoor project and looking through all of trip photos continually saying, "Can you believe we just saw this?!" It is crazy how quickly time can pass after a trip like that!

Speaking of that trip, I have a ton of photos from each city to share with y'all, but I thought it might also be nice to include a list of things to do if you have 2 days in each place like we did. There is so many wonderful things to see that it can feel overwhelming to even start planning your itinerary; hopefully this can be another resource to help!

Fair warning, the rest of this post will be a big heep of photos...if you don't car about Barcelona, jump ship now:)
May 10-14, 2014

A little background on our trip might help before we start. Our travel to Europe came to be through a work trip I was planning in Barcelona. I'm fortunate enough to work for someone who encouraged me to take advantage of my time there, so Tanner and I started planning our trip and decided to see Barcelona, Rome and Florence while we were across the pond.

Prior to leaving, I took time to speak with family and friends that spent time in Barcelona to find out what we should prioritize during our two days. We planned on visiting most of the main attractions but we also made time for doing nothing. There is a magic intoxication that comes from wandering through the streets of a city that isn't your own.  Listening to kids play ball, old men visiting outside of tiny markets, and the smell of food cooking fills every sense you have. Don't miss out on experiencing their day-to-day.

This was my favorite church during our entire trip. We didn't purchased any guided tours for any of the museums or churches we visited, but we did purchase the english audio tour for each place which was absolutely worth it.

Las Ramblas = Lots of food, many glasses of wine, and a recipe for getting lost (in a good way)!


If you like ships this is a must in Barcelona. 

Flamenco Show - El De Tablao Carmen - This was one of the top three moments from our trip.  It is an absolute must if you are in Barcelona. 

This Cathedral was amazing.  The inside was so ornate and every surface seemed to serve a purpose for worship.  We didn't have an audio tour for this church, but we did read through our guide book for churches that had information on it.  Very worth investing in that for the places that don't have audio guides.

We stayed in a studio apartment rented from HomeAway for our first night.  It was cozy and tucked into the heart of a residential area. The rest of the trip was spent at the W (event hotel) overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Both places had their perks, but if I'm being honest with myself, the W had my heart. 
The view from our apartment on night one.

The view from our room at the W.

I loved Barcelona. The people were amazing, the food was wonderful, and their cava became my new favorite drink.  Next time Spain and I meet I hope it will be in a beautiful coastal town soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

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  1. I would love to travel like this one day. You're so lucky. I love the pictures, by the way. :)



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