New Food Obsession: Roasted Cauliflower

I'm pretty sure I'm very late to this party, but in a recent effort to cut out the roasted sweet potato I crave on the regular, I tried roasted Cauliflower...and it didn't disappoint.  This recipe is almost identical to how I make my roasted Sweet Potato Medley and is packed full of Vitamin C and the cancer fighting Sulforaphane.  
I hope you enjoy it!

- 1 Head of Organic Cauliflower
- Sea Salt
- Fresh Ground Peper
- Rubbing Sage
- Garlic Salt

1. Preheat oven to 400 Degrees.  Line cookie sheet with foil and spray with non-stick spray; set aside.

2. Wash Cauliflower and pat dry.  Cut Cauliflower into eighths to make it more manageable, then continue to cut it into small chunks removing the stock as you go.  I've found that I really like it crunchy, so I cut them into smaller cubes.

3. Place Cauliflower in bowl and toss with EVOO, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Salt, and Rubbed Sage.  Once the Cauliflower is coated transfer it to the lined cookie sheet and place in the oven.  Bake for 30-40 minutes, or until the Cauliflower has reached your desired tenderness and crisp.

I hope you enjoy this yummy side dish!  Have a great rest of your Thursday!!

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