Friday Favorites: Currently I'm Edition

As I waited in lovely Austin traffic on the way home from work today I go caught up on my blog reading (cool your jets, I was at red lights), and loved Miss. Erin's "taking stock" post. I always enjoy a snapshot into the day-to-day lives of my favorite bloggers, and this fun format makes it so digestible to read! It just so happens that it also makes for a very quick and easy post to write, so here I am...sharing my little snapshot on this sweet Friday!

Making: The mega list of items that need to happen before the man friend and I leave for our first adventure across the pond. My normal planning self has been too busy planning my work event (the reason we are going to Barcelona) to even begin planning our vacation in the lovely trip to Spain and Italy. Cheers to a glass of wine and a blank sheet of paper!

Cooking: This Italian Lentil Salad! I'm obsessed with Lentils and this summer salad looks amazingly refreshing!

Drinking: A Rainbow Light Chocolate Protein shake after my fun butt workout!

Reading: Rick Steves travel guides for Italy and Spain

Wanting: To not have to wear this fashionable boot for the next 10 days...I feel like I have a pirate with a wooden foot.

Looking: At my man's bum as he strolls around the house and thanking God he made my someone with a nice backside...

Playing: Sober by Little Big Town, Coming Home by Jessie James Decker, Meanwhile Back At Mamas by Tim McGraw, and Angel Like You by Eli Young Band.  Go get these songs; they're amazballs!

Wasting: Time yelling at the horrible drivers that decided to accompany me on my commute home.  I don't know why I do it, they can't hear me, but it sure does make me heart feel better.

Wishing: I could sing because I'm pretty sure I would kill it in Nashville...

Enjoying: A family dinner to celebrate my sister's new job, and get in a few last hugs before she is gone for 6 months. 

Waiting: Patiently for my cheat day so I can eat a donut. 

Liking: Black Coffee. Is your mouth wide open in shock?  Yes, I've converted to black coffee with a hint of Cinnamon and splash of Mexican Vanilla Extract and I more than like it,...I Love it.

Wondering: Why I think the bathing suits from the VS catalog will look the same on me as they do on Marisa Miller...Can we get a normal body up in these photos so I can see if this will actually work for me?!

Loving: Warm Spring Days that still have a hint of cool, dry air.  

Needing: These beauties...

Smelling: The Lavendar + Vanilla Glade Plug-In I turned on yesterday.  It is the perfect light, clean scent for Spring!

Wearing: Workout clothes and a blanket; our house is cold!

Feeling: Tired...maybe it is time for bed.

Opening: The bag to a new pair of shorts from J.Crew factory...Love these!

Giggling: At the reality T.V. show, Unusually Thicke.  Watching celebrities try to camp is comical. 

I hope y'all are having a wonderful Friday and start to your weekend!  Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. That lintel salad looks delish! And I'm totally going to try my coffee like that - I usually go black with a little bit of sugar but mixing it up is a good thing! The lavender and vanilla scent is amazing but have you tried the clean linin and fresh sunflowers!?!? Ah-mazing.
    Happy Friday!

  2. I love the Eli Young Band! (Stopping by from High Five for Friday)

  3. That photo is gorgeous! Good luck with the boot!

  4. Found your blog through the link-up & LOVING those floral Tory wedges. Have a great weekend :)


  5. This is the second post like this I've seen. It's so cute! I love the photos you included! :)

    xx, Ashleigh
    Fashion in Flight

  6. My coworker brought in donuts today and it was SO HARD not having one!


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