Outdoor Bliss

Happy Wednesday, Loves! I'm so glad it is HUMP DAY, because I've spent the last three days thinking about the weekend.  We spent last weekend soaking up the Spring sun working in the yard. We decided to just complete a few things, but six hours later we blew the last trace of Winter leaves (or so we thought:)) and grass off the driveway and declared that our lawn was a step closer to being ready for warm months.

I grew up in a family where thick green carpet grass between your toes was sacred, and annual flower shopping was something we spent the week looking forward to.  Getting a yard of my own was something I just could not wait for!  I have books and books of ideas and education waiting to be used on our perfect yard which I hope will become our number one project in the next year.

Until then I'll be stocking up on more ideas to create the perfect outdoor living area, complete with perfect green carpet grass!


Cheers to enjoying some smiles outdoors!


  1. I want that fire pit!! Stuart bought me this gorgeous hammock last year for Mother's Day but I haven't been able to use it since we moved b/c we have no yard! I have been dying to hang that baby up and use it!!

  2. Obsessed with the first picture! What a cute walkway. I can't wait until my boyfriend buys his house and I can't decorate his yard :)

  3. I cannot wait to have a yard of my own one day! I know it is a lot of work but there is so much beauty. Love all of your inspirational photos...gorgeous!


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