Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Loves!

1. And We're Walking: This was pretty much the highlight of our week and time with this sweet baby so far! We were t-minus 7 days from her first birthday and she has been pretty uninterested in standing for long, let alone walking, but during a visit on Tuesday she got a little encouragement and took her first steps!!! That encouragement was in the form of a lollipop and boy did she get a going! TV and I can't believe we got to see her first steps; what a gift!  I almost cried and we've probably watched the videos of her 20 times since then.  Can't wait to see what she is doing Saturday!

2. Small Things:  Enjoying a sweet evening walk and good conversation with my man friend.

3. Spring Time Storm: Monday evening brought a surprise Spring time storm, the kind that starts off soft and sweet, and then roars into crazy lighting and sheets of hail.  I had a picnic on the rug by the back door and watched it come down; it was perfect!

4. Texas Wildflowers: Beautiful flowers in every shade of the rainbow are everywhere right now.  The window for Texas wildflowers is small, but it is worth every second.  I can't wait to sneak away this weekend and take more pictures of these beauties.

How was your week? I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Those wildflowers are beautiful! And your sweet girl is too cute going after that lollipop!!! Love it!!

    Happy weekend, pretty mama! :)

  2. I am co-hosting Friday's Fab Favorites and wanted to thank you for linking up. Your daughter is precious. I hope she has a great 1st birthday.



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