Luck of the Irish

I've read a lot of comments from those who read fashion blogs, which by the way this is not; I can barely get in one set of outfit pictures a week, I applaud those who can do it every day.  Anyways, I've read a lot about how these bloggers pictures are perfect; well positioned, amazing color, and flawless scenery. Sometimes things seem to come together and create the perfect situation, but other times, they end up like this shoot.  Between the tornado like wind and dropping temps my sheer shirt and unstrained hair didn't hold up well.

We got a few decent photos between the g-force gusts (dramatic much?), but I thought I would share all for your amusement...

Blouse (Francesca's, Similar) | Skinnies (Lauren Conrad, Similar) | Heels (Nine West, Similar) | Clutch (Target, Similar) | Belt (The Limited, Similar) | Necklace (J.Crew) | Watch (Michael Kors, Similar) | Bangles (The Limited, Amazon) | Earrings (Francesca's) | Sunnies (Ray Ban)

This is really how it went...
Ok, this isn't so bad...
Holy cow, this I'm freezing and this wind is not fun...
Time to get dramatic because I might blow away...
These pictures are going to be awful, lets go get a margarita and tacos...

I hope you have a great, non-windy day!

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  1. So cute! Love all the bloopers! Hope you got that margarita;)
    xo Adri

  2. Love the leopard and green combo! And of course your outtakes, that most definitely happens to every blogger!

    xx Krista


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