Inspiration Monday

If you like Mondays, this post is not for you.

Alright, can I get a "UGHHH" friends?!  I write this cuddled up on the couch, enjoying the last moments of this Sunday trying to figure out what I could do to get one more day in the weekend.  I love my job, but boy is it hard to beat the comfort of a good weekend.  If you are reading this, I hope you are like me, because misery loves company, right?  

While the Monday's can't be avoided, there are a few things I've been doing lately to help transition myself into the work week.  They have made a HUGE difference in the way I start my week, so I thought I would share it with you.

PREP: Take 20 minutes on Sunday to lay out your clothes, pack your lunch, and pre-schedule the coffee.  If you can find a few minutes out of your weekend to get a few things in order, you will be amazed at what that means for your Monday morning.  I'm a huge planner, but never consistently took the time to get a few things ready for the week which means on Monday morning you would find me running late with a lunch still to pack and clothes still to iron.  Why start your week like this?  It is worth the time on Sunday to make Monday a bit easier!

BREATHE: I can't tell you how long I've tried to make myself a morning workout gal.  I've tried videos at home, morning runs, classes at the gym and everything in between to find that perfect thing that would make getting up in the morning something I WANTED to do.  While over time it did get easier to get up, it was always very hard for me to give 100%.  So, one day I decided afternoon workouts are my cup of tea and that is perfectly fine. Workouts should match you, not what others say you should do.  With that being said, I do see the value in taking some time in the morning to start your engines.  Some days I do this with a 20 minute yoga video, and some days I do this with a hot cup of coffee and Bloglovin. What ever it is, I do think it is good to give yourself 20 minutes to wake up and get the blood flowing before you jump in to getting ready for work.

PRAYER: Tanner and I pray every morning before he leaves for work which I love.   But I also need some time alone in prayer, and I tend to ramble as if it were a conversation which the man friend doesn't really need to be there for, so I also use time in my morning commute to pray.  At first, I thought it would be too stressful for good, thoughtful prayer, but I actually find that it helps me focus and take my time.  It keeps my mind off traffic and centers my heart before I walk into the office. 

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: I've mentioned this before, but an organized, clean working environment is so important for me.  I start each work week by cleaning off my desk, getting projects lined-up and outlining my tasks for the day.  This makes a huge difference on my focus during the day.

LOOKING FORWARD TO...: Tanner and I always have something to looking forward to each night and weekend.  It can be very simple like a walk, or cooking a new dinner recipe.  Whatever it is, I remind myself of it throughout the day when things get crazy or overwhelming.  It is an important part of our weekly ritual and it really helps to make those hard days and weeks a bit better.

I hope these tips help you easy into a your week a bit better!

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  1. Wow. That is so encouraging to hear. Love that y'all pray together before he leaves, but also you get some alone time with the Lord in prayer. Thanks for shining a light about this today!! :)


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