House Projects + Lack of Energy = Missing Blogger

I do believe that you have a bucket full of productivity and energy tokens you can use throughout a day. Most days I save a little for after work so I can talk to y'all, but over the past few weeks they have run out early.

We go big or go crazy here at Casa V, which means jumping into projects before they are completely planned because we are just so excited to get started. We got a wild hare to finally re-do our closet and decided to rip everything out before we had purchased the new design.  Not one of our smartest moves... After finding our clothes in every corner of the house for two weeks and multiple conversations with closet companies, we decided on Elfa by The Container Store.  The product is great, you can install it yourself, and you can update the design at any time to meet changing needs.  One of my biggest concerns with the other companies we looked at was making the investment only to find out that we actually needed more hanging space and less shoe space.  Elfa removes all that worry.  We installed the closet, put our clothes back in and found out we could add more pull-out baskets and less shoe drawers. This project has made me a huge fan of this product; I'm already planning on how we can use it in the guest closets!

Here are a few pictures of the projects...

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I do know what you mean about the energy tokens--totally feel like that is a real thing! And your new closet is ah-mazing! How great that you can change it down the line if needed--totally cool :)


  2. Yall's closet looks absolutely incredible!!!! xx

  3. Girlfriend that closet looks to die for. LOVE it. Organization inspiration :) Xx.

  4. love it and good for you ! enjoy your new organized space !

  5. this is wonderful.
    I am going to bookmark this for when I have to get a closet done :)


  6. Looks great!! Thank's for the inspiration!


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