Friday Favorites

1. Birthday Celebrations: This week we celebrated the birth of our first #UMHB baby! Baby Cox came into the world on Sunday night and is pretty much perfect.  Also, mama is kinda amazing and did a fab job.  Love them so much and can't wait to meet him!  It was also my grandy's birthday on Wednesday!  God's blessed me with a pretty spectacular girl to call a friend over the past 10 years and I'm always thrilled to celebrate another year of her!

2. Painting Progress: Looking at the 7 samples I have on my counter right now, I think it would be safe to say that I haven't had the easiest time picking a color for our accent wall. With every detailed sample decision I come home excited, sure I finally found the right color but thus far we have struck out over and over again.  The sample never looks the same on our wall as it does in the store, and our full scale variety of natural light the room gets makes it hard to focus on the true color.  This week I've been really thoughtful about other possible colors and I HOPE I found a few samples that will be contenders.  Stay tuned for the final decision!

3. Friend Fun: We are so excited that some dear friends are coming in this weekend to stay with us!  Schedules have made it so hard for us to get together, so we are THRILLED the stars have aligned and they can come down! We don't have anything grand planned, but there is nothing like a great time with friends you love!

4. Rainy Day: As I've mentioned, our weather has been all kinds of crazy lately! This week we have had temps in the 80's and the 20's, along with rain, sleet and ice. I hate all the up and down, but I sure did enjoy working from on the rainy Wednesday!

5. Crazy Love: I started a new book this week and I'm so exicted.  I've had a bad trend of starting books and not finishing them lately and I hope to stick with this one. I'll let you know how it goes!

I hope your week was great, and wishing you an even better weekend!

See you Monday, Loves!

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  1. Stopping by from the link-up and looking forward to following along with you!
    xo Happy Friday!
    A Southern Style

  2. I have crazy love! I started it long ago...and never finished. I need to pick it back up again!!! xx


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