But I Love Wearing His Old T-Shirts...

I would like to take a moment and confess something...I'm not a pretty pj girl. My favorite thing to slip on after a shower before I crawl into bed, is T.V.'s old, soft cotton t-shirts.  They are loose, the perfect length and feel like butter on my skin. All great qualities; however, I recently looked in the mirror and realized that maybe I should try to look a bit less like a homeless woman without pants each night.

I mean, the manfriend is sweet and doesn't say anything about my less-than-cute look each night, but I'm thinking I should try to set-it-up a notch or two a few nights a week.  So, in a effort to find that happy medium in nighttime wear, I've been hunting down some pieces that feel like a his t-shirts, but look more like someone you might want to...well, you get my drift.

I've purchased a few of these and have started cycling them through my nightly line-up, and much to my surprise they fit well, feel great and have gotten a few compliments from the manfriend.  Also, not that I need any help in this department, but it makes me a little excited to go to sleep...similar to when you purchase new workout clothes.

Night Time Wear

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If you've already jumped on this train, where do you shop for comfortable pj's?


  1. I'm a sahm, I soooo should try to do this but alas my 2000 ct cheer championship tee and old yoga Capri's that have faded to grey are my go to...yup 14years of comfort, its completely in sexy but true lol!

  2. I'm exactly the same way! My husband has pretty much given up on me wearing anything to bed other than his clothes. It's like they were made for sleep! Maybe I'll have to surprise him with one of these. :)

  3. I come home and immediately change into some form of nike shorts and an old tshirt. Happens every day. The husband does the same thing....so I figure we are even.

  4. ahha I am the same way. I have holes in my trackpants that my husband always makes fun of, but the are so comfortable! I may have to look into these options, thanks! :)


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