High Five for January

I thought I'd spice it up this week, and celebrate the top 5 for January...

1. A Little More Courage...I am a planner.  I like to stay where I know the path, and where the outcome is predictable. I'm very much the type of person that could stay with the same company for a long time. I know most may find this extremely boring, but it's my happy place. The issue with this is that most great things happen outside your comfort zone where the risk and unknowns exceed your "feel-good" limit.  This year I'm praying for courage to run into these moments, and this month I feel like I made some good progress. Here's to living in the big circle.

2. 4 Seasons in 1 Week - Our weather in January has been a little crazy.  One day it's 80, and the next it is snowing.  This means we are not getting tired of Winter, and that we need have our legs shaved at all times because you never know when shorts will be necessary.

3. A Little Fire - I feel like this month hasn't been as productive as I'd like it to be, however, I feel like I'm on track for a great February.  My problem in January was that my list of things to accomplish was so big, it felt impossible which made me not want to even attempt it.  

4. Kitchen Adventures - We have been all about trying new meals this month, and most of them turned out well enough to plan for a V2.  Check out some of these easy, 30 minute dinner ideas!

5. Quality Time - Thanks to birthdays, we've gotten to spend some time with these pretty siblings and I love it.  The man friend and I also have made it a priority to schedule a date night each week where we avoid electronics and just spend time with each other.  

What are your weekend plans?  I hope it is a great one!

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