Happy 2014!

Hello friends, I'm so happy to be back! I've taken the last couple of weeks to do nothing but enjoy the Holidays with family and friends. It was so nice to unplug a bit and start the new year feeling refreshed and excited about what's to come.  

Tanner and I spent the first day of 2014 relaxing, and by that I mean we haven't got out of our PJs all day and spent most of the day in-and-out of naps.  Turns out we are not 21 and can't stay up till 3 am without serious repercussions the next day.  

So tonight I leave you with a few smiles from 2013...


  1. Happy 2014! Glad that you have been able to rest the past few weeks and enjoy your start to the new year :-)

  2. I felt so OLD on New Year's Day after going out the night before. What have we become?!


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