Courage. My Word for 2014.

Tis the season of promises.  Everywhere you turn people are making resolutions; to be more healthy, to read more, to take a trip, to finally kick the vice that clouds their life.  Some of these promises have rolled over from the previous January and some are brand new thanks to the courage a fresh slate can bring.  Whatever the resolution or promise, they come with the hope that this new year will bring good change.

I know some don't believe in this annual exercise, but I'm a fan.  Last year I made a few wishes for 2013; nothing on the list was completely out of reach but each challenge was one I wanted to accomplish within the year.  I didn't hold myself to complete perfection which I think allowed me the room to focus on each one and have patience when life didn't quite roll the way I wanted it to.

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about 2014; what I want to accomplish, what changes I want to make, what growth I want to see, and what I want for us. I feel like this year will be full of changes for our family and my biggest wish is to have courage. Courage in God's plan for our life and my path.  Courage to take a step and trust in the unknown so that we can get the most of the life gifted to us.

Courage is my big wish. And these are are few others that I have for myself this year...

I wish to find a church family where we can really get involved.

I wish to run a 5k with Tanner (this might be a roll over).

I wish to send snail mail to friends & family to let them know I'm thinking of them.

I wish to continue work on our home; crossing 3 projects off our list.

I wish to float in the Frio on my back.

I wish to learn InDesign.

I wish to continue to use this space as a creative outlet and place for encouragement.

I wish to travel to a place I've never been.

I wish to take a few photography lessons with my camera.

I wish to take dinner to someone who needs it.

I wish to go dancing with the man friend.

What is your word for 2014?  What are you wishing for?


  1. Those are wonderful Ashton! And all seem totally attainable! I can't wait to see you reach all of your goals for the year!

  2. I need dinner tonight. Preferably multi-cheese mac and cheese, garlic bread and a salad. Can you do that?! ;)
    All kiddings aside... these are all WONDERFUL goals to look forward to achieving! :)


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