Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! We are at the end of the first week in December and all I can think about is how much I love Christmas time.  Our house keeps collecting more twinkle lights, peppermint schnapps has been added to our hot cocoa, and sweet holiday music is coming out of every speaker in the house.  I'm in holiday heaven.

1. Evening Fire & Eggnog - We spent most of the week in the mid-70s here in ATX, which makes it a little hard to drink hot holiday drinks and sit by the fire.  But good old Texas weather stayed true to it's motto, and we woke up Thursday to 40 degree temps. This meant an evening by the fire enjoying a little adult eggnog.  

2 & 3. Christmas Tree Shopping & Decorating - We finally went Christmas Tree shopping on Monday night and boy did we find a big one.  We've always had a real tree, and I love shopping for them.  The wall of evergreen smell that hits you when you walk into the tent, and the careful selection of this year's tree is exciting. This year we almost hit our limit on the size.  Leroy is a giant.  You can only see the TV from one spot on our couch; he takes up half of our living room.  This means we had to use all of our inside lights and half of our outside lights to cover him, but we love it.

4. Godmother Mugs - My goodness, I love this baby.  This mug was our Christmas present from the little lady and it couldn't be more perfect.  It has all my favorite pictures on it. #BabyLove

5. Lights -  This week we started seeing a few Christmas light pop up on our evening drives and I might have let out a little scream.  I loved this countdown display in Kyle; so fun!  Now Tanner we just need to get ours up.

This weekend we will be celebrating my cousin's marriage and starting the celebration for my man friends's birthday. What are yall's weekend plans?  I sure hope you have a wonderful one!!

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  1. Your tree is gorgeous!! And I love the travel mugs with the pictures! Stopping by from the linkup today.
    Meghan @ Lipstick Skulls Blog

  2. Beautiful tree! :)
    What a fun countdown. This makes me antsy! I need to get my butt on shopping!

  3. I've never actually had eggnog before! That Christmas countdown is SO cute!

  4. Gorgeous festive post. Would love you to link up to #fashionfriday http://mummysgotstyle.com/fashion-friday-a-date-night-that-didnt-happen/

  5. The godmother mugs are too cute! Great idea :)
    Visiting from Friday’s Fab Favorites link up!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
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  6. gorgeous tree! you guys are so cute.


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