Christmas Concerts & Last Minute Shoppers

Tonight was one of my favorite events at our church; the annual Christmas Nights Concert.  Red poinsettias line the stage, beautiful garland decorated in white lights drape the balcony rails, and the full choir is front and center in red cardigans and black suites. It is just a sight.  For one hour the full orchestra and choir share all the Christmas favorites; nothing will get you excited about the true joy of Christmas than this. If you haven't seen a Christmas Concert this season I would fully recommend you find one!

This song was all done by the iPad Band!

The youth choir was just amazing!

A local high school drum line came over for an unbelievable version of little drummer boy

On to another topic...last minute holiday shopping.  On Friday I had about half our list still to do, and tonight I have about a 1/4 left.  It's progress, but I want to be done.  Over a pick-me-up pizza this afternoon Tanner and I vowed to finish our Christmas shopping in November next year. For those of you that are in the same boat, I'd thought I'd compile a list of the best gift-guides I've seen (It seems that is all people have been blogging about lately).


  1. Home Made Gifts
  2. $25 & Under
  3. $50 & Under
  4. $100 & Under
  5. A Mix 

  1. A Mix
  2. Another Mix
  3. One More Mix
I hope y'all have a great rest of your weekend and a great start to your week!

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