A Weekend of Celebration

I hate when Sunday comes and you're reminded that the weekend is a few hours away from being over. I fall into what we call a Sundaycoma.  It's pretty strong today due to the large amount of celebrating we did all weekend.

On Saturday we went to my sweet cousin's wedding.  She was just stunning and the wedding was beautiful despite the chilly weather that tried to take control.  We spent the night sipping on Hot Toddies, taking turns in the photo booth, and dancing with a 6 year old that never gets tired.  Can I tell you how depressing it is that our twisting over and over made me sore today?!

On Sunday we kicked off my manfriend's birthday celebration with a Crab & Shrimp boil.  His parents came over to cook up the feast and we spent the afternoon watching a snowy football game that looked like a blast.  

I hope that yall had a great weekend.  I'm on the way to nurse my Sundaycoma with a Christmas movie and adult hot cocoa.


  1. Ah! Sundays are the WORST because you know that Monday is lurking around the corner!!!! I looove the "LOVE" sign! Is that little Chihuahua yours?! I have a long haired one! :)

  2. Sundaycoma---I know exactly what you mean! I also looove the LOVE sign--so cute!

    Stopping by from the link-up!

  3. Great photo of the dog. You captured the expression perfectly. Photo booths are fun. We had fun at the one at my sister's wedding earlier this year.

  4. hahah sundaycoma.. i always get that!! looks like a great weekend tho :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. That picture of the dancing is precious! And I love your last picture with the Christmas tree. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend

  6. Your pictures are so pretty! Gotta love adult hot cocoa

    xo Having a Weekend Recap this week and next if you would like to join!

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