A Gold Glitter Deer

Today I thought I'd share a very easy Christmas D.I.Y that will sparkle up any mantle or wall in your house. I made these last year for our Gold themed formal living room and just loved how they turned out. I mean, who doesn't want a gold deer head for Christmas?!

You will need...
- 2 white canvases
- 1 gold pen
- Clear glitter glue
- Gold glitter
- Deer cutout (Option)

3 Easy Steps...

1. Trace your deer outline onto the canvas with a pencil, then retrace your outline with a gold pen (Note: You don't have to trace in a pencil first, but I tend to mess up so I need the safety net).

2. Fill the inside of the outline with clear glitter glue (Note: I used the edge of knife to clean up areas where the glue spilled out).

3. Cover the glue with gold glitter, then let sit for 5 minutes before discarding the extra glitter.  At this time I cleaned up some edges, before letting it dry for 2 days.

Enjoy your sparkly deer!


  1. I did this last year and it was such a fun and quick decoration to add to our Christmas decor stock :) Yours turned out so cute!

  2. VERY cool! Love this idea (and your blog!) xx, Liz

  3. That turned out great! I just might have to try that for my mantle!

  4. I've totally been obsessed with gold glitter this season. It's literally what I've been using in every craft so far! And this deer would be a super fun addition because I love the nature feel of it :)


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