Friday Favorites

Did you make it through Halloween?! I'm trying to pull out of my sugar coma right now, and meeting strong resistance.  So instead of getting up, I'll share my Friday favorites!

1.Evening Run: I’ve taken the last few weeks off from working out due to the lack of time I’ve been home, and sheer tiredness when I was there. T.V. has been keeping up with it, which is motivating in itself, but he’s also been great about encouraging me to get back to it this week. To take advantage of that, and the cool weather we’ve been having, we took a little evening run. It was so freaking hard after the weeks off, but boy did I enjoy that cool air of my face!

2. Halloween Fun: My favorite part about Halloween is that it kicks off the holiday season.  My second favorite part of this Halloween was the fact we had our first trick-or-treater...last year we were stood up.  I waited all night like a creeper and no one came.  My third favorite part was the pallet we made in my favorite room to watch the best Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.  Successful evening!

3.New Book: One of my “2013 Wishes” was to spend more time reading in our formal living. I decided this week was the week to make it happen, so I got in my P.J. with a warm cup of tea and settled into a new book loaned to me from a sweet friend. I’ll let you know how it goes!

4. My House Belongs To Fall: As you saw yesterday morning, I finished our fall decorating this week. Once the Apple Cinnamon Glade Plug-ins were in, and the candy was in a glass pumpkin, Fall officially took over our house. And.I.Love.It. #SoCozy

5. Hot Apple Cider & A Porch: I sent Mr. Man to the grocery store this week and he came back with a jug of Fresh Apple Cider. Conveniently this sweet beverage and a back porch were on my Fall Bucket list. Check that one off the list.

I’m seeing that I might have a slight obsession with the new season…I promise that will change after December 31st. How was your week? Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

We are packing up and heading out of town to enjoy opening weekend of deer season!  I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Redeeming Love -- excellent book! And that Apple Cider looks delicious! Happy Friday!

  2. Hooray for trick-or-treaters! We never got any at my house as a kid, too far out in the sticks. Now that I'm in an apartment we don't get any either! Someday... :)

    <3 Vicki

  3. Redeeming love is one of my FAVORITE books!! Great read! The Apple Cider on the porch is always a good combo :)

  4. Redeeming LOVE changed how I looked at men when I was dating and open my heart to the love of my life, my husband. ENJOY!


  5. Redeeming love is my all time favorite book! Please let us all know how you like it :-)

  6. Visiting from Simply Lulu Style's link up! I love cider this time of year :)


  7. I love a time of peace a quiet with a few snacks and a good book! Sounds blissful!

  8. That apple cider looks delicious! I love to run too, and it's so hard to get back into it after a little break!


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