A Different Kind of Productive

I went into this weekend very excited about the scheduled family time and the fact we were actually going to be at home.  I had a long list of productive things that I wanted to get done around the house, and the best intentions to cross every single thing off...but a very good book, and my lazy bones got in the way.  Half of me hates not crossing stuff on my list and taking full advantage of a weekend at home, but sometimes you just have to tell that half to get over it, and put that to-do list on the fridge for the next weekend.  This weekend ended up being for late game nights, 10:30 wake up calls, spending hours in a good book, trying a new restaurant, and snuggling up to a good movie.  Cheers to a different kind of productive weekend...

Can you tell he is happy she is home from college?


This was the first time since we lived in our house that my whole family has been over.  Very fun night eating, and playing a very intense game of Train!

We've been trying to step out of comfort zone lately and try some of Austin's great restaurants. Luckily for us the siblings also have a taste for new places and will our double date. Our latest try was Olivia, and I loved every thing about it.

Tesa Tacos for the starter.  $4.00 for each, and worth every cent.  House cured bacon, ground mustard and homemade slaw in a warm tortilla...heaven!

My entree was their Steak and Frites special.  It was perfectly cooked and seasoned.  Also that white stuff made the perfect dip for those fries,

Love these two!

My man friend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. family together for a game night? not many things could be better in my book. those tacos look pretty awesome though -- you're lucky to be in austin with such great good (i had my bachelorette there and just loved the city)


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