Kailey & Kevin the Kidney Stone

So, I had great intentions to spend my Monday night writing posts for the week, and catching up on all my favorites blog ladies that I've neglected over the past few weeks. But a little call at 9 AM took us on a spontaneous trip to Stephenville, Texas where we met my little sister Kailey at the hospital and her not so friendly visitor, Kevin the Kidney Stone. Yes, we named it...my family names everything.  

Oh, my  little sister Kailey is going to love me for sharing this with y'all.
I can share this story with y'all now with a few laughs because I know she is fine, but yesterday morning I was frantically trying to get to her as fast as I could. With my parents out of town on a cruise, and my other sister caring for our our little brother, TV and I were on call and 3 hours is a long way from a little sister who is in the hospital alone.
Turns out a kidney stones can make you feel like you are having a heat attack.  So grateful for a close hospital and a fast diagnosis, and of course pain medicine.  By the time we got to her the pain was under control, and we were released to play the waiting game with Kevin the Kidney Stone.  I told Kailey the next time she wants us to come see her, she can just ask; we don't require an emergency hospital visit.

On a positive note, this trip taught me a few things about this pint-sized sister...

1. She is a lot stronger than I was at 18. I got my first IV last year, and had to have TV in the room with me because I might have been losing my mind. She did it by herself during an ambulance ride to the hospital. #Impressed

2. She is funny all the time; even when Kevin the Kidney Stone was all up in her business, she was still cracking jokes.  That may have also been the pain medicine...
3. She found the perfect school.  I hated the circumstances, but it was so nice to see that is fits perfectly into her new home.  All the professors we spoke with were so kind; good souls.  The campus and town were just beautiful and just the perfect amount of city for our country girl.

4. Hard 8, is the bomb.  Great Bar-B-Q; if you are in Stephenville, Texas you need to stop in here and get you some brisket and turkey. Yum, Yum.

Here's to good health, and a sweet sister who is still waiting for Kevin to make an appearance!


  1. That is sad to hear! My mom had her kidney stone, too. In fact, one of her kidneys were removed. Hope she recovers fast!

    Life in the Fash Lane

  2. the are super painful but it looks like she handled it like a champ...by the way, family is in Glen Rose & Walnut Springs so I have eaten at Hard 8 so many times.........some of the best BBQ ever!

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