A Texas Fall

We got out of town on Saturday for a little trip to visit the grandparents.  We haven't seen them both since July and it was so nice to spend the evening catching up, watching football, and eating...a lot.  We also spent some time outside and can I say that Fall is one pretty lady.  I'm officially obsessed. The cypress lined pond that mirrors the reflection of the gold and amber leaves consumed my camera for about an hour; I just couldn't get enough!  Here are a few of my favorites...

These two decided they were going to have a sunflower seed eating/spiting contest.  Mr. Man is pretty confident in picture one that he's going to beat little Miss.  In picture two I think he is realizing that she's pretty good, and in picture three you can see what it looks like when a fifth grader beats a grown man at a game...

On Saturday night we got to meet a friend of Tanner's grandparents who happens to be a great chef. He treated us to a wonderful dinner, and let me bombard him with questions the entire time. It was amazing how easy he made it all look, and the dinner was just insane!

Love this picture...

On the way out of town we visited this great market, The Farm Patch.  It's like a big farmers market that's open ever day.  We went home with some beautiful pecans, gala apples, fresh mint, and purple haul peas. Yummy!

I'm off to end my weekend with a new book, a slice of banana bread, and hot cinnamon apple tea.  

Cheers to a great start to your week!


  1. SERIOUSLY!?!??! Can I just live there?! I have to visit Texas. I've never been, but it looks so beautiful. And a good book and banana bread looks amazing!

  2. Beautiful photos! I wish it still looked like fall here, but with the trees naked and the temperature in the 20s and 30s, we are very quickly turning into winter! Looks liked a fun weekend - and I am SUPER jealous of that kitchen, lol


  3. Love those pictures by the lake! Looks like fun!! = )


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