Oh Yeah, I Remeber Those New Year's Resolutions...

Pump the breaks 2013...you are moving a little fast. I can't believe we are already in September. I feel like only older people comment on time flying by; piece of evidence #278, that I'm getting old.

Being that we only have 3 more months left in this year, I thought it might be nice to check in on those 2013 "Goals". You know, the ones you make at the start of every new year and never look at again?! This year I promised to keep these front of mind and work hard to complete these "wishes".  Let's see how I'm doing; it might be a busy Fall:)

I wish to spend more time with our grandparents.
We've spent time with each set of grandparents several times throughout this year, but it's not enough.  I want to take full advantage of our time with each one of them. It is so hard to slow things down sometimes, but what a waste to not take advantage of the blessings God gave us in them now... 

I wish to learn a new application or tool that will add in house value to my marketing team.
Currently learning InDesign for work!  I had my first lesson last week and will have a few more over the next month.  This will allow me to make changes to all existing collateral in house, which will be great from an all-around resource perspective.  Grateful to have the opportunity to learn something new and help my team in new ways!

I wish to continue making our new house a home.
I feel like this little "wish" is never ending.  We might be working on this house until we have a date with Jesus.  But we are making progress.  The formal living room is coming together nicely, and then I will be onto the living room.  We are also getting bids on redoing the bathrooms...which has been very educational.  I think I should have started a bathroom renovation company; I'd be a millionaire. 

Fall/Winter wishes are to finish the formal living room, the living room, and start on the master bathroom or the guest bathrooms. 

I wish to run a 5K with my sweet husband.
We are planning on doing the ever so popular color run in early November.  We are running a few times a week now, so hopefully I wont embarrass myself on this little 5K!

I wish to get involved with a young married's class at church.
Fail.  We have not gotten involved in any group at church, in fact, we haven't being going to church as much as we should.  Busy weekends, and laziness have gotten the better of us.  This subject has been on our hearts a lot lately.  We've committed to spending more time at our current church and getting involved with a class of members our age to make sure this church is where we are suppose to be.  I'm also eager to spend more quite time, and personal learning this Fall.  

I wish to revamp this blog, and make it something that provides happiness to others and myself.
In January I decided that I really did love this blog thing, and wanted to invest more time into it. Well I have, and I've loved it.  It has been such a great outlet for me, and I'm looking forward to continuing.  Over the next few months I'm going to look at doing another redesign; one that is more customized to the feeling of this space.  I'm also looking forward to season specific D.I.Y.'s, Recipes, and style!

I wish to spend time reading in my favorite room of the house - the den.
Fail. I've been in the den a lot, but not to sit down and read.  Once we finish the room out, it will be perfect for wasting hours cozied up on the couch, lost in a book.  I'm craving a room that is perfect for that, and our DEN is just that room.  There is also an untouched fire place in this room...begging to be used on a cold winter day...check!

I wish to have one night a week that is media free.
Tanner and I go through phases of being good at this.  We haven't had as many media free nights in the last month, but we have been setting time aside each night to workout together.  But having one night a week with no phones, TV, or computer is so important; allows us to just focus on each other with no distractions.  I'm going to get a new puzzle this weekend, and maybe a new game for MFN.  Challenging yall to do this too!  

I wish to have a table that's sole purpose is to house ongoing games or puzzles.
We just got a long coffee table for the den that will be perfect for the new puzzle I'm going to buy this weekend:)

I wish to expand my recipe bank and make two new dishes a month.
YAY, I feel like this is one that I've actually done all year.  I really do enjoy cooking, and trying new things.  It feels good to feed others. It also feels good to learn about the different ways to cook veggies, or meats.  Seasonal foods are just so neat to me; the way God made them packed full of the things you need during that time in the year.  This fall I'm going to start a Harvest Vittles series filled with all the seasonal favorites!

I wish to keep getting better at being a sister and friend, and not a second
Humm...I think I'm getting better.  But maybe I should ask them and get back to you.

I wish for more dinners with candle light and impromptu date nights.
Check on the impromptu date nights.  Mr. V has been so great at making random nights special with a last minute date invitations.  I need to work the candles though.  I light them a lot, but not as the sole lighting for dinner.  #BeMoreRomantic

Well, there you have it.  I guess I haven't completely forgotten about these "wishes", but I haven't exactly nailed them all either.  Sometimes laziness/life gets all your attention and keeps you from being better, and experiencing more.

Here's to knocking the socks off the next three months.


  1. It looks like you have accomplished most of your goals this year! That is awesome :) I need to hunt down my list of resolutions and see where I stand.

  2. Look at you go! Looks like you're doing a great job.

  3. Sounds like you have stuck to your goals pretty well. I hear you on the getting involved with a church group...busy schedules and lack of effort are definitely a problem for us. Enjoy the last 3 months of the year!

  4. you have done so good!!!!!!!!!! Its always a good idea to re-read the new years resolutions, sometimes I make them then forget :)


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