High Five For Friday

Let's jump right in...

1. My Sweet Madalyn: Today we are celebrating my sister's birthday.  She was my first real baby doll, and is now a beautiful young woman.  I'm so blessed to be her big sister and I'm so excited that we are now in the same city!

2. Evening Rain: It's been hot and dry here in the ATX...which is making it very hard to get into the Fall spirit, but a little evening thunderstorm can turn things around.

3. Desk Update: I had a few Instagram pictures left from my Entry DIY and decided to fix up my desk at work. I'm there for most of my day, so it only makes sense to make it feel "homie".  I'll share a few more details next week!

4. Snuggles: Tanner and I are fully sucked into Boardwalk Empire and are enjoying date nights on the couch.

5. Fresh Almond & Peanut Butter: I just found out this week that THE HEB has a station where you can make fresh peanut butter and almond butter.  I think I'm just late to this party, but in any case, I love it!

How has your week been? Any fun weekend plans?

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  1. Stopping by for the Friday Favorites link up. I love the pictures you have hanging up at work. So adorable. Happy Friday!

  2. Loving your blog. That desk set up is so cute!

  3. LOVE the desk update! I am so stealing that idea!
    I found you through Friday Favorites....:)

  4. awww happy birthday to your baby sister!! isn't weird as they start approaching that 20 year old mark- ew. Haha and i love your desk update, it's SO cute! I love that they look like they're hanging from clothes lines.

    PS i found you through the style elixer linkup :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. WOW fresh almond butter?! How freaking cool!

    PS; you're GORGEOUS!

  6. Fresh almomd butter would be rad!!!! All of the almomd butter ive found has sugar in it!!!!


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