A Little Bit of Everything

We did a little bit of everything this weekend.  Two birthday's were celebrated, hair got done, errands were run, house was cleaned, and a few football games were watched.  Speaking of football, I'm extremely distracted by this Cowboys game, and full glass of wine right now.

Here's a few pictures from our busy weekend...

Loved celebrating sweet sister Madalyn's 23rd birthday!  

I believe this is suppose to be mountain's, and the "color of the wind" scene...

She is a dancing queen...and he clearly loves her:)

Had my first Spiced Pumpkin Latti, and loved it.  Then I saw these pumpkins, and got Fall excited.
Beautiful Stormy sky on the way to Smithville to celebrate Paw-Paw's birthday!
He loved this card that played the chicken dance:)
Favorite Snack: Gluten Free Bread, Almond Butter, 1/4 Banana

Tell me about your weekend! What did you do?! 

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  1. I also et excited when I see fall decorations out at the store! :)

  2. Are you gluten free? I have celiac and was diagnosed back in 2009..always love to hear about what other GF-er's are eating : )


  3. Im sooo excited for fall too!!! :) I cant wait for the weather to cool down a bit and grab a PSL :)


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