3 Ways To Make A Work Space

It is likely that you spend more of your hours awake at work than at home.  I love my job, but that fact hurts a little.  Considering that your desk is like a second home, I think it is worth investing a little time making it a cozy, productive space, right?

Our new office space has an open floor plan, tons of natural light, and bright colors which makes a great environment.  But my desk needed some work. I focused on 3 easy updates, and in less than an hour I made a clean, functional, and cozy space to support a productive day.
1. Organization: I'm an organization lover, so this may be more for people like me, but I have such a hard time focusing when my desk is a mess.  I'm constantly switching between projects, and folders which makes it easy to have a "I can't find anything to wear closet mess" on my desk...do you know what I mean? One of the first things I focused on was filing lose papers, and prioritizing the location of my folders. The current quarter and ongoing projects are filled on my desk and previous and upcoming projects are in my drawer. I also make it a point to have a daily task journal; it keeps me on track each day.  This may seem like a very small thing but I promise an unorganized space affects your productivity and mind space more than you think. Type A's back me up on this...
2. Personal Touches: Pictures, sweet notes, old cards...these little touches should be a part of every working space. It's such an easy way to bring a little home to your desk, and it helps remind me why I work hard. I've always had a lot of frames on my desk, but our new space didn't come with as much surface space, so I did a smaller version of this DIY at work.  I used all the extra's from my frame project to bring these sweet faces to my work day; so easy and fun!
3. Sight & Smell: I love the soft light of a candle and a soothing smell they can have; they are constantly burning around our house.  My office space allows candles, or at least no one has told me no yet and it is a great calming touch in a busy day.  If your office doesn't allow candles, a candle warmer is a great alternative.  When I can, I also love have a small bouquet of fresh flowers on my desk.   
What makes your work space?


  1. this is a great post! thank you for sharing!!! my office at work is very homey!

    1. I feel like homey make for a productive space; less stuffy! Have a great day!

  2. This is great! I always feel more productive when my workspace doesn't feel so sterile and I'm in it so often that it could use a little sprucing up!


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