It's All About The Little Things...

Tanner says he thinks sometimes I just need or like to talk.  Maybe that is true; this might be a vomit of the mouth post.  My mind and heart have been full of many different thoughts and feelings this weekend. Some silly, some from the deep parts of my soul.

We are a stone-throw away from our third year anniversary.  Three years is pretty much out of the "newlywed phase", I believe. I think we both would say we have learned a lot; all goodies I will share another time. But one thing that I think is like a piece of gold is this: little acts, gestures, or words are so important.  Little notes on cardboard waiting for you in the morning, a sweet surprise just because, or the simple gift of a fully devoted ear while your wife tries to retell the last chapter in her book; all these things feed relationships like rain and sunshine feed a lawn.  

This weekend we had nothing officially planned, a lot we individually wanted to accomplish, and a house that was in desperate need of an all day clean session (AKA, the last thing we wanted to do).  I had been stressing about that cleaning for the better part of the week; something about a dirty house, loads of laundry, and a still packed suite case from last month's trip, makes me feel icky!  As I'm preparing my plan of action, I walked into the door and saw a kitchen that was much different than I left it earlier that day.  It was clean. I kept walking to find a clean living room, dinning room, and I then I got giggly.  What is going on?  How did this happen? I turned around and saw Tanner behind me with a big smile on his face, urging me to keep walking.  I landed in the black hole that was our room to find that in fact, we did still have a floor, and dresser.  Then on to the closet where clothes were hung, and baskets full of the appropriate items.  "Oh, my gosh! I can't believe you did the one thing you hate more than HEB on a Sunday for me."  I said this over and over.  My heart was running over; he took that of my plate, settled my mind, and gave us a full weekend to enjoy each other.  He took time out of his weekend to bless me with a clean house; what a gift.  

Our house was bad, this cleaning was not a little thing to say the least, but it was an act of kindness. Something that didn't cost anything, and told me how much he appreciated me, heard me, and loved me. These little things are important.  OK. I'll stop talking now...here are a few moments from our weekend.

A bar opened below our office; it is dangerous.  Their pineapple ritas love being in my mouth.

We went to Vespaio for dinner on Friday, and it was yummy.  Next time I will order my salad with a hold on the minnow-like fish, but their pizza melted in my mouth...I promise I'm not being dramatic.  Tanner loved his Spaghetti Carbonara. 

I accidentally ordered this too.  I would have ordered two if no one was there to judge.

We will never pass up a chance to put some new leather on our feet.

A double rainbow and Austin at sunset.

I pass the river twice a day and always see a litter of people on paddle boards enjoying the sun.  We decided to try our luck at this popular summer activity this weekend, and LOVED it.  It was a good little workout, and nothing beats laying on top of the cool water of Lake Austin on a hot day.

We also found this jewel; the new home to my stored China, books, records, pictures and more.  Tanner thinks it looks like a gun case, which means I have won. 

We are about to head out the door for a little Sunday evening run. I like the way that sounds, but I know that about ten minutes from now I'll be gasping for air, telling Tanner this isn't my idea of a relaxing activity.

Sorry, I'm done talking now.  How was your weekend?!?

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend. Pineapple rita and pizza is winning in my book. i love the wooden finish on your new china/book cabinet.

  2. A surprise clean house?! Pineapple rits and pizza?!...this looks like the best weekend!

  3. I love a surprise clean house! I don't enjoy cleaning, so it really is the nicest gift Brandon can give me after a long week. That pizza looks absolutely delicious too!

  4. What was that thing he ate?!?! Lol!! Totally looks like a minnow! Wow!

    That cowboy boot shop -- so awesome!

  5. Aw that is so sweet that he cleaned up the house for you.. I kind of wish my dogs could do that for me while I'm gone at work ;) That pizza looks so yummy buy I have to agree about the fishies in the salad. No thanks!

  6. What a sweet gift! I'll probably never come home to a house that was cleaned for me, but my husband is really good surprising me with sweet gestures. You're completely right about the little things being so important to the big picture. Love your new cabinet!

  7. what a wonderful surprise! little (or big!) gestures are such a sweet way to remind the other person how much they mean!

  8. Hi I am a new follower to your lovely blog (Via GFC)and it really feel pleasure meeting new awesome bloggers like you. Found you through Mingle Monday Link Up. Was busy last month due to sister's marriage so was not regular in blogging, but now will regular and waiting for your next post.

    my blog: wilsontom.blogspot.com

  9. This is so sweet! I'm so glad that you had such a fun weekend. Your husband was so nice to clean up your house for you! What a gift!


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