Easy Weekend D.I.Y. - InstaPrint Entry

Over the past few months, I've collected a few ideas on how to use old picture frames, window frames, and even door frames to display different items like pictures, prints, and sweet notes. I love the idea of making older pieces new again with little projects likes these. I also love the idea of using some of my favorite moments trapped in my Instagram App.  This D.I.Y. accomplishes both for less than $20.00...

What You'll Need
- Instagram Prints (I used Printstagram to print 24 photos for $12.00)
- Old Picture, Window, or Door Frame (Found this on Craig'slist for $2.50)
- Twine (You can find this at Michael's)
- Extra Small Clothes Pins (Got these at Michael's for $3.99)
- Staple Gun with Staples

Easy As 1...2...3
Before we jump in, keep in mind that depending on the size of your frame, and what you choose to put in, will sway the distance of each line, etc...  
Flip your frame over to show the back side where you will attached the twine.  I left the twine in a continuous line, and started by tying a knot on the end and using a pencil to mark a starting point.  Once you have the starting point, use the staple gun to secure the twine (make sure to staple to the left of the knot). Then find the same position on the opposite side, mark it, and staple the twine to the board, and secure with a knot after the staple. 
After I positioned the first string, I took a few photos to determine how many pictures I wanted to use, and where I wanted the next line to start.  I left the pictures on  while I marked the next starting point, and then I repeated step 1 three more times.
After the twine lines were secured, I laid out my pictures for each row and attached them with small clothes pins.
I used this as an opportunity to update our entry table, but I think it would also work great in a office or at a larger scale on a mantel.  I love traditional frames, but I find that the same pictures stay in them for years.  I love how easy it is to change these pictures out, and share the candid moments you can capture on your phone.  I'm also loving the idea adding in a few quotes or encouraging Bible verses, and possible painting it to a rustic blue or gray.

What do you think?  What else have you done with picture frames?


Thank you so much for following along and sharing your thoughts! I read each one; they mean the world to me!

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