D.I.Y. - Sweet Initial Wreath

I was in the market for a neutral front door wreath, and naturally turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration before I got my craft on.  After a few hours of pinning, and only a handful of detours, I decided to incorporate our initial along with a few different kinds of moss, and flowers. I was also going to try and work in a few stars of burlap, but didn't like how crowded it made the wreath feel.  The variation possibilities for this wreath are endless, but I wanted to share this easy D.I.Y. in case you were looking for something similar to welcome your guests.

1 Grapevine Wreath | 1 Wooden Initial | Paint & Brush | Moss (Variety Bag) | 5 Stems | Hot Glue Gun & Glue | Wire Cutters

1. Lightly Sand the wooden initial, and paint on 2 coats of paint.  I used Valspar Homestead Resort.

2. Begin playing around with the arrangement of the pieces until they are positioned, and ready for attachment.

3. Use the hot glue gun to secure the pieces to the wreath.  I left a little stem on the flower and weaved it into the wreath to help hold the flower in place before using the glue to secure it.   

This wreath cost around $20.00 to make, and less than 30 minutes to assemble.  I love how natural it is; perfect for Spring, Summer, and Early Fall.  What do you think?


  1. Thats so cute! I made one for out door that is very similar! But now I have to take it down next week for football season. :)

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

  2. Love this idea! I am def trying this!

  3. I'm saving your idea for future presents! I like how clean your look is without it looking plain!

  4. That is so pretty! I love how "easy" it looks to make and then it turns out looking like a million bucks!


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