I'm Leaving You With A Few...

I might be cheating a little because as of this moment we are in CO with no cell service and minimal internet.  So, when I say current, I mean current as of Wednesday afternoon:)  I will be a little sparse over the next week, but I have scheduled a few posts for you while I'm out and I thought I would leave you with a few parting thoughts for this week...I know Shut-The-Front-Door, you're excited. Ok, here we go...

Currently, I'm thinking the idea of getting on a small prop plane to take us from Denver to Alamosa makes me want to yack and cry all in the same motion.  I'm thinking that I will need to take a calming pill washed down with an adult beverage in order to get on the 18 person plane. Then I will need God to sit right next to me and keep me from pulling a "Bridesmaid Freak-out" during the 50 minute flight.  

Currently, I'm thinking there is no way Nutella is healthy because it taste like heaven.  I will eat that stuff off anything.  I'm adding it to my list of items needed to survive on an island.
See, it is like crack; even animals eat it out of the jar.
Currently, I'm thinking that I also will need to work out for 5 hours to work off the Nutella I just licked off that spoon. It was in my mouth before I knew what happened...

Currently I'm thinking that it would be good for me to read while on vacation. Reading sounds like the intelligent, adult thing to do while on vacation...as long as you're not required to share what you read, because I don't think Danielle Steel counts as intelligent reading...

Currently I'm thinking that I should practice the wobble I learned from my fabulous ladies during our champagne induced dance party a few weeks ago.  I now know it was in me all along.  I can wobble till the cows come home...or until we run out of Champagne.

Currently I'm thinking that I should stop sharing and finish packing for that fun flight we need to go catch!

I hope yall have a fabulous next few days! Come back on Monday for an update, and Tuesday for my favorite summer Maxi!

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  1. I have a Nutella addiction as well, no worries. It's just too darn good not to lick it off the spoon!



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